Specialized School Calendar Magnets for Children

Whether for keeping reminders of some special moments in life or for promoting new brands, Calendar Magnets are always useful. We are familiar with different type of calendar magnets ranging from Promotional Calendar Magnets, Business Card Magnets to Photo Calendar Magnets. School calendar magnets are new and useful products for our dearest little pals and also for their parents and teachers.

The new range of magnetic calendar replaces the old school diaries that are much important for daily school activities. The calendar comes with a photo frame in which we can import the printed sheet containing important details of school. It can include exam schedules, time-table, information about holidays, parent conferences, sports etc.

The new generation calendar comes in different shapes and sizes. It can be very small in size to place on the top of home cabinets or can be big enough to hang over your child’s bedroom wall. Big calendars are useful for hanging photos of his or her winning moments at school. Make children feel proud with photos of such rare moments hanging on main entrance.

Present your child an ever-memorable cute calendar on this birthday. The School calendar can be animated with images of pretty cartoon characters and can also be made in different colors and designs. Think about images of Pluto or Chip ‘n’ Dale waiting for young child with some important information within the frame. This is going to be a nice and chic birthday gift for our young genius buddies.

The School Calendar Magnet comes with ease of use. It can be mounded on the top of study table of child or can be glued easily on walls with the custom magnet placed on the back of calendar. The calendar is so light-weighed that it can be brought to both school and home by children themselves.

The calendar not only deals with daily school activities. Give some color codes to exam dates so that these dates can be easily picked. Parents can note down playing time and studying time for children and can bring good punctuality in their child at childhood itself. Check out diet of child and also give them good leisure time by arranging all events properly and thus finding out some time for life!!

Not all, the calendar is informative to parents also. The calendar can be fixed on refrigerator or anywhere where your eyes can easily catch the tiny frame. This becomes helpful to parents as they can schedule their working time and can spend as much time as they want to be with their kids.  The one becomes useful for good sleep and proper diet. Don’t forget to add some inspirational quotes in calendar, those words that you want your child to follow.

The calendar can be ordered over Internet at cheap cost and can be bought in bulk for a group of children at school or gain single piece for rewarding to special persons.

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