Why are business card fridge magnets considered unique?

Last week was refreshing and fulfilling because I happened to learn about the utility value of business card fridge magnets. The term was easier to understand, but it never came to my thoughts to replace the paper business cards with business card refrigerator magnets.  I actually got bonded to this thought of extending magnetic business cards after reading the blog by a local businessman – Mark Stephanopoulos.  Throughout his blog there were references about how this wonder card helped him to establish right contacts with the people. Here is how he described the whole experience of dealing with these cards –

Visible – Visible

Yeah, they are everywhere. I am happy that many of my clients have proudly displayed my identity over their refrigerator door. It is a good sign because refrigerator is an essential home appliance, which mobilizes the traffic within a home. Any xyz magnet affixed on its stand higher chances of getting noticed whenever people open and close the fridge for fetching some food items, vegetables, drinks, and so on.

I will never leave your side

This heading seemed strange, but it was worth reading. The reason cited for choosing this title is because the writer himself could feel that investing in a magnetic business card is a best thing that ever happened to him. He added that regular business cards are dumped or pushed to the back of the cupboard or crumpled because people find them annoying. Magnetic cards have a special charm and people will not think of throwing them out for various reasons. Therefore, you can make a wise investment by opting for a magnetic business card which offers 24 / 7/ 365 day promotion to your business. Also, it remains affixed to a place for long time period. That was pretty convincing reason what he gave to his choices.

Ease to Make-up
Mark noted that these magnetic fridge business cards were easy to be dressed. Oops! The meaning is they can be customized easily according to specific requirements and needs. One can opt to add their favorite photos, recipes, logos, business contact data, calendar or any other business information. Color, layout, size, images and other parameters of such promotional magnet can be easily managed. Mark says even a business card can make you a designer because you can create a one easily without much dependence on any additional graphical tools.

So, taking cue from Marks’ experience and combined experience of some other friends, I would like to conclude that the next time, when you think of promoting your business to mass, select business card fridge magnets because it is one of the perfect low-cost business advertising tools of the modern times!

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