Have you ever utilized magnets shaped like your name for promotional and personal purposes?

The magnetic printing has come to an era, where it is possible to create magnet in any shape or size. Also, there is room for personalized magnets such as name shaped magnets. This type of magnet can be creatively utilized for announcing promotional information and for making personal announcements.

Following are some of the uses of name shaped magnets

  • Building brand image
    Logos, taglines, and mascots, etc are considered brand building tools. The companies which focus on their branding through their names can always get easy attention than others. The name shaped magnet announcing brand information will be perceived as an impressive approach. The customers will always take pleasure to affix colorful name shaped branding magnets against the visible surfaces.
  • Expressing personal information
    There are various types of magnets for expressing personal information such as the save the date magnets, and postcard magnets.  Utilizing a name shaped magnet can be a unique way of expressing the personal information. The couple who wish to announce their impending nuptials can always seek the name shaped magnet for the purpose. Their loved ones can never ignore the charm the created by such magnets and may also make it a point to attend the special event. Even expectant mothers and new mothers can utilize these magnets for expressing personal information such as “Smiths’ Welcomed Baby Emily” will be looked upon with adoration. Also, the loved ones will make it a point to affix such magnets over visible surfaces and share your happy news with many more people. Also, this custom magnet can be offered as a surprise gift to loved ones on their birthdays and during other special events. A name shaped magnet will easily get engraved in the minds of viewers.
  • Announcing special business information such as discounts and offers
    People are always eager to know about special discounts and offers floated by businessmen. Advertisers seek different ways of announcing this information such as releasing pamphlets and mailers, and etc. They can now rely on the name shaped magnets to get their word out. The name shaped magnets announcing special offers and discounts can be handed through the departmental stores stocking your goods or through some special social events. The customers will definitely look up when they see something as “Goodwill Mattress – Special Offer”. In this case the name shaped magnet will work well when offered as a car magnet.

Magnets shaped like your name can be best utilized for easy attention and also it can serve well when offered as an indoor or outdoor magnet.

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