Custom magnetic business card styles for liaising business communication

There are print advertisements, media advertisements, and various other promotional materials, but the demand for business card still remains high. People may trash these cards by calling it a junk; still businessmen never cease to hand them during expos and trade fairs. Have you ever thought, what makes them popular? It’s of course their authentic appeal, which makes businessmen and commoners to drool over it. Today, businessmen have found a way out to avoid this “trashing” by handing magnetic business cards, which initiates business communication in an elegant and distinct manner.

Business card magnets need not be always plain; here are some of the popular types of custom magnetic business cards used by entrepreneurs for initiating their business communications.

Photo printed business card magnets

It is highly interactive and it generates a sense of proximity within the minds of an onlooker. This magnetic communication card will be always treasured by clients and customers, who will proudly display it above their lockers or work tables, thereby keeping the important business information before their eyes for a long time.

Custom shaped magnetic business cards

If you wish to make a difference in presenting the business information, then it’s better to discard the regular shapes and opt for logo, animal, or any other custom shaped magnets. You can always keep searching on the internet for information on latest trendy shapes for your business magnets.

Remember me business magnets

Remember me business magnets are the hottest trend for business events and expos. These custom magnets are sent to people, who are likely to attend your business shows (as a reminder to make it to the event).

Write on me promotional business cards

You can double your promotional business card as a notebook. These cards also offer space to jot down contact details, appointment notes and so forth. Visibility to promotional contents is high with these business cards and is an effective method of spreading business information.

Double-sided customized business cards

Double-sided customized business cards boost the visibility of business information and it offers space to add more business information.

  • Add your photographs on one side and information on the other
  • Keep your messages printed in two languages on either sides for the promotion at different nations or regions
  • Print your messages on the front side and add expansion to your abbreviated words on the other side

Don’t forget, just like other promotional medium, these business card magnets help you to sketch a different image in the industry. It’s your chance to make the first impression, so always opt for the best to seek better results.

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