How long are custom calendar magnets good to promote?

Calendar magnets, as the name suggest, refers to a section of promotional magnets which are created to manage the information on date and time. These magnets are favored by many advertisers as gifting items because it helps them to outlast their stay in public memory more than any other known promotional tool.

Calendar magnets are suitably utilized for business promotions after imprinting business information on them.  Now, comes the real question how long are calendar magnets good to promote? Following are some of the feasible options which you should consider –

  • A year – The validity of a calendar is mainly fixed for a year, but if you want to enhance the stay in public memory then its best to offer double sided calendar magnets to the clients. This will help them to reverse the sides when the year change, and also they will remember your brand the every time when they go near the refrigerator.
  • A season – If you choose to give away some sports schedule calendar magnets as business gifts, then its validity may last just for that season. But the magnetic calendar should be made so impressive that a viewer will be compelled to treasure it for a lifetime.
  • Few Days – Basically advertisers are rarely interested in this kind of promotional option because it only gives them a short lead for few days. This doesn’t mean that other advertisers are not utilizing it for promotion! Sometimes advertisers choose to produce and distribute promotional calendar to mark special days. They might be doing it for highlighting the importance of the celebration or it may be purely for promoting their business or services during the festive season. This helps them to take the lead and also if the service is good then people will remember it for long time.
  • A day – Calendar for a day? Yes, it seems awkward but it’s not impossible. Being an advertiser who loves difference, you can choose to highlight the events of day in a calendar format. This also helps to buy interests of the guest. You can choose to utilize this format of calendar printing for events such as wedding or baby shower, and etc.

Every advertiser can choose to utilize these calendar magnets according to their promotional requirements. The decision on actual life of a magnetic calendar lies with a user and it remains to be seen why they want to use and it how often they think of preserving it even if its utility value have diminished.

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