How to Make A Magnetic Business Card For Yourself?

Business cards are must to have introductory tools for every person in business. They help announcing the presence of a brand in the market also helps people reminding of the products and services of a particular brand by being before their eyes, when they are in need. Business cards are traditional way of getting connected with the customers, though several additions of business cards have been introduced as magnetic business cards, custom shaped business cards etc… Though buying business cards from a retailer is affordable, many people opt for self made business cards. Making own business cards gives an exposure to your creativity and the cards will look unique and impressive to the customers. Let us see the ways of making a simple but creative business card.

You can use the computer for better printing and better designs. At the very outset, conceptualize a design that may resemble the nature of your business and depth of your creativity. Once the design is finalized, and then prefers the best possible fonts to print the letters on the card. Use of multiple fonts on the card may make it visually appealing to the users. Consider referring other visiting cards to get an idea of the size of the fonts and designs. Once you are done with the entire conceptualization, and then move on to the materials on which the business cards to be printed.

There are multiple suggested materials for making a business card. Think that you are making a magnetic business card as you select the basic materials, not just a paper printed ordinary business card. There should be options of attaching the magnet and also enough strength to hold the magnet without bending the printable surface. You can go for paper, vinyl, thin plastic or fiber sheets to make your business card. If using paper, the go for slightly thicker one to give it strength to make it stiff. Collect the materials in adequate quantity. The other material required is the magnet. You can purchase thin size, magnets for the purpose of business cards. Certain people print the business card directly on the magnet, which is available in the exact size and thickness of a business card.

When the design and basic materials are ready, go on printing the design on the business cards. It will be difficult to get each card printed independently as typical business cards are small in size for a printer. It is better to use large printable sheets and get multiple cards printed on the paper at the same time and cutting them to shape once the printing is over. After printing the design, allow the cards to get dried.

Once the cards are ready, then attach the custom magnets to each of them; your magnetic business card is now ready for distribution. You can even laminate each of the cards for lasting impressions and extended durability. Any size, any shape and any amount of creativity is possible on a self made magnetic business card.

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