How Magnetic Business Cards Will Leave the Best Impression For Your Brand

Every business strives to stay ahead of the competition to succeed. No matter which industry line you are in, to come up to the top, you have to plan innovative marketing strategies and techniques that will make their services and products attractive to customers. One of the tried and tested and budget friendly techniques to market your business will be through business card magnets.2x3.5 Custom Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Forget about the bland paper business cards that get trashed quickly and settle for these trendy business card magnets that will keep your logo right in front of the recipients for a very long time.

These delightful custom magnets not just carry your business information and contact details but make multipurpose handouts that everyone will find truly irresistible. Though magnetic cards could be a shade costlier than ordinary cards, just see the positive aspects of magnetic cards, which far outweigh its negative aspects.

Smart tips to design business card magnets
A design that will instantly grab the attention of your recipients is what makes any business card magnet popular and long lasting. Try to bring in a unique touch to the design and ensure premium quality to make your cards stay longer on their refrigerator doors and filing cabinets. Imprint just the essential details like the name of your business, contact number, email id and address to give it a clean look. Too much information might leave the customers confused as they may not be able to find the information they may be looking for from the tons of data that you have imprinted!

Customization options
Magnetic business cards can be customized in countless ways. Choose a theme and an imprint style that will appease your target customer group. Here are some of the customization tips that you may find interesting.

Include added features including calendars or notepads: These will not just add up to the utility but also make your business cards last longer. Everyone needs calendars and notepads to make reminders, to check their holidays and to make yearly plans. So, these will make a smart option to bring your recipients to your custom gifts 24 x 7!

  • Sports theme: Imprint a baseball league schedule or football league schedule to make it more useful for your customers in case you want to reach out to a sports loving crowd. A great hit among sports fans, these magnets can be imprinted with the schedule of professional leagues or local games.
  • Emergency numbers: Another smart tip to make your recipients carry your business card for a long time is to include emergency numbers next to your business information.
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