Animal and Pet Care Magnets

How Bird Care Magnets ensure a high flying brand promo against all odds?

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Bird Care Magnets

Bird care magnets make wonderful promotional giveaways for pet centers, veterinary services and more. Easy on your wallets and high on visibility, these low cost promotional gifts are well suited for mass events like tradeshows, pet shows, awareness campaigns and events among others. Birds make wonderful pets and every type of pet birds have their […]

Why marketers need Pet Grooming Magnets to ensure an instant brand makeover?

Customized 3x4 inch Round Corner Pet Grooming Magnets 20 Mil

Pet grooming magnets make perfect promotional giveaways to promote pet grooming centers, pet boarding services, vet clinics and pet food and accessory stores. Low priced and drop dead gorgeous, these custom magnets are well suited to hand out in mass events like tradeshows, store promotions, awareness campaigns and fund raising events. Grooming will not only […]

How Dog Boarding Magnets will get your customers stay loyal to your brand

4x7 inch Round Corner Dog Boarding Magnets

Custom dog boarding magnets will make a perfect choice for those looking for a sure fire way to promote a new dog boarding service or an existing one. Designed for both indoor and outdoor promotions, these magnets will look great on their refrigerator doors, filing cabinets, car dash boards and even on the dog kennel […]

See how animal clinic magnets can guard your brand against competition

Custom 2.25x2.31 inch Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

Custom animal clinic magnets are perfect options to promote pet friendly organizations, pet care centers for destitute animals, animal hospitals, pet clinics and animal shelters. Available in a range of cute animal shapes including dogs, bunnies, teddy bear and much more, these magnets are great options to make your brand popular among pet owners and […]

A few top marketing tips to promote your pet care business all around the year

Promotional 3x5 inch Square Corner Dog Boarding Magnets 20 Mil

Pet care business promotion is an ongoing process. As customers relocate and more pet-care units spring up in your locality, staying ahead in the game is easier said than done! Here are a few top marketing tips to promote your pet care business all around the year. Most pet care businesses thrive on hand outs […]

Custom pet care magnets for summer promotion

Custom 4x6 inch Square Corner Dog Boarding Magnets 20 Mil

Countdown for the summer season has begun and people are already making grand plans for their holidays! For the business owners too it is a busy period as summer is the ideal time to drive up the marketing efforts to reach out to more clients who will be interested in availing their pet boarding services […]

Tips to Promote Your Pet care Business during Mother’s Day

4x7 inch Pet Grooming Full Color Magnets Round Corner

Summer and winter holidays are busy time for pet care and pet sitting businesses as most of their customers will be off on holidays. Not to forget the other holidays and observances like Mother’s Day that keeps the pet care businesses on their toes literally! Spring season is already here and with it comes the […]

How Pet care custom magnets make budget promotional ideas

4x7 Pet Care Square Shape Magnets

No matter whether you are a newbie in pet care business or have been around for years, brand promotion becomes the top priority. If you are looking for new ways to promote your pet care business on a shoestring budget—check out these ideas. Promotional handouts: Pet businesses often rely on word of mouth publicity and […]

Why Square corner magnets are all time favorites of brand promoters

2x3.5 Dog Care Square Shape Magnets Full Color

Square corner magnets- the name tells it all! Keep all your business messages in style on these magnets that will never be missed out even by the busiest of the busy customers. These custom magnets that are born to be big and bold will let your brand make a buzz and keep your business ahead. […]

Essential tips on how fridge magnets help to promote your pet clinic business

3.12x3.5 Paw Shaped Bunny Care Magnets

Are you looking for a cost effective and high visibility business campaign to promote your pet care business? If yes, then your search will end at custom pet care magnets. Available in a range of delightful shapes and attractive colors, magnets will make sure that your logo will get stuck in the minds of your […]