See how animal clinic magnets can guard your brand against competition

Custom animal clinic magnets are perfect options to promote pet friendly organizations, pet care centers for destitute animals, animal hospitals, pet clinics and animal shelters. Available in a range of cute animal shapes including dogs, bunnies, teddy bear and much more, these magnets are great options to make your brand popular among pet owners and pet friendly organizations.

Custom 2.25x2.31 inch Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

Statistics show that Pet ownership in the U.S. has more than tripled in the last few decades. In 2012 there were 164 million owned pets and around 13,600 community animal shelters nationwide that makes it a prominent business line.

These custom logo magnets that are offered in a palette of colors and sizes can be stuck on metal counter tops , fridge doors, car dash boards and in fact any prominent metal surface at your customer’s homes or offices. Every time they see these magnets they will remember your pet care services and approach you when their furry friends need care and attention.
These animal shaped magnets make delightful business cards, promotional, thank you gifts and much more. People are very sensitive about their pets and it requires a lot of innovative efforts to persuade them to try a new veterinary clinic or surgeon. These custom magnets will help any marketers to promote their veterinary services to gain confidence of their prospective clients by keeping their logo before their eyes at all times on these magnets.

2.88x2.75 Custom Printed Teddy Bear Shape Magnets 20 Mil

These logo printed animal clinic magnets can be handed out during mass events like tradeshows and awareness campaigns. People love discussing about their pets and will be only delighted to use these handy reminder tokens, which will come to their use, when their pets are in the need.

2.88×2.75 Teddy Bear Shape Full Color Magnets will make a delightful promotional giveaway that will suit the promotional needs of pet supplies, animal care medics or animal rights campaigners, who wish to propagate their social message and services. Low cost, yet visually appealing, these teddy shaped magnets will make a colorful fridge art as well that people will love to retain for long. If you are looking for a high exposure promotional gift to promote pet clinics, pet shops and pet care centers, this custom 2.25×2.31 inch Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil will be a good option. It will generate a lot of interest among your pet loving customers and will bring sure leads to your business. The low sticker prices of these magnets make these a perfect option for mass hand outs. Free art set up, free online design proof and free shipping –are prominent value advantages that are offered with this purchase.

Pets make lovable and life time companions for humans and most people are more than willing to go to any extent to ensure the well being of these bundles of joy. Pets often become the common topic of discussion during parties or get together as people often do not need any special reason or specific time to talk about their pets! These pet shaped animal magnets will surely be yet another delightful excuse for the pet lovers to talk about and take pride about their pets.

Make use of our free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping offers to make your business promotion successful and see your brand becoming a house hold name.