Why Square corner magnets are all time favorites of brand promoters

Square corner magnets- the name tells it all! Keep all your business messages in style on these magnets that will never be missed out even by the busiest of the busy customers. These custom magnets that are born to be big and bold will let your brand make a buzz and keep your business ahead. Go for it today!

2x3.5 Dog Care Square Shape Magnets Full Color

Looking for pet care promotional gifts that will make you stand out and stay relevant year after year in your business? Pack a power and purpose to your marketing promo by connecting your business to your clients’ hobbies and interests. Consider personalized pet care magnets that are imprinted with many handy tips and information on pet care and clinics.

Custom pet care magnets are designed to stay for a long time and your clients will like these to be on their refrigerator as an art work and a ready reference to your pet services at times of need.

Let us be frank about it! There can’t be many marketing tools that work as long as a magnet. Be it on the customer’s refrigerator door or on their office filing cabinets and work desks, the potential exposure for your business that these offer magnets is incredible. Pet care reference magnets are easy and effective tools to drive up your business leads all year long as there are not many homes without a pet!

Square shaped magnets stand out for their massive imprint area and are favored by pet care services and clinics as these can hold a lot of information and art work.

Here are some of our popular square shaped custom magnets for pet care business promotions that you will surely love.

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Animal Clinic Magnets

4×4 inch Square Corner Pets Care Full Color Magnets offer high visibility for your brand and business message. If you are on a shoe string promotional budget, you can still ensure a high brand exposure with these custom magnets. Give these out at tradeshows, pet store openings or events to make your logo popular. People will love to keep these beautiful magnets on their fridge doors, car dash boards, filing cabinets and any metallic surface to ensure your brand a 360 degree visibility. Advertisers seeking it for large scale promotions can always order it in bulk and gain benefits in the form of discounts, and lowest customization fee along with free shipping, free design and art set up on every order.

2×3.5 Dog Care Square Shape Magnets Full Color make perfect giveaways for all those serious dog lovers. Dogs are the oldest companions of man and the pet owners strive to ensure that their furry friends are happy and healthy at all times. You can customize these magnets with pet care tips, specific service information or vaccination schedule before handing over as a gift during special occasions to make it value added. People will love to retain it for long for all the useful information that they carry and keep your brand information well hoisted.

3.5×4 inch Square Corner Animal Clinic Magnets A 3.5 x 4 inch square corner animal clinic magnet makes a popular choice for advertisers in pet care business due to its familiar shape. Imprint your logo and business message to make it your brand billboard and see how people relate to your business that cares for their pets.