August 26th Is National Dog Day- Plan Your Promotions

Celebrate the loyalty and love of dogs, man’s best friends ever- on the National Dog Day. It will make a great time for the dog owners to pamper their bundles of joy with the choicest goodies and gifts. It is not all; marketers like pet supply stores, veterinary services and pet spa services can all make use of this occasion to plan some interesting promotional activities and to hand out appropriate custom gifts for their existing and prospective clients.

August 26th Is National Dog Day- Plan Your Promotions

Dog Day has been endorsed by many personalities including none other than the former US President George W Bush whose own dog, Barney the Scottish terrier even has his own website. Appreciate the happiness that dogs bring to our daily lives, plan fund raising events for homeless dogs and spread awareness to adopt the abused dogs on this day.

To help you get started, we have a rather impressive list of custom magnets that marketers can include in their marketing swag to highlight their support to National Dog Day and its objective. Low in cost yet high in visibility, custom magnets have always been popular hand outs during awareness drives and fund raising events.

Here are some of the dog themed magnets that will do wonders to your promotions on National Dog Day.

Get your business message out and spread awareness on National Dog Day with these Dog Grooming Magnetic Car Bumper Auto Vehicle Signs Magnets. Marketers who are new in the business can build a buzz for their brand by handing out these attractive and attention grabbing magnets. Every time your recipients or employees drive around sporting these magnets on their bumpers, everyone around will see your brand and the pet lovers may even note down the number or call you right away to know more about your pet care services. Car magnets have a tremendous potential in stirring word of mouth publicity because an overwhelming number of Americans travel by car to work and the number of people behind the wheel will go up manifold during holiday season and summer weekends.

12x12 Custom Dog Grooming Magnetic Car Bumper Auto Vehicle Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Bone Shape Dog Care Magnets 20 Mil: These bone shaped magnets will not catch the curious eyes of all the faithful Fidos out there but every pet lover in town as well. Made of high quality resourced magnetic material, these unusually shaped magnets can stick to any metal surface with ease and will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. Your pet friendly customers will know where to find your contact details when you need it next. Well received and retained, these magnets will double up as useful business cards too for pet care businesses.

2.125x3.5 Custom Bone Shape Dog Care Magnets 20 Mil

Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil: Check out these cute dog shape magnets that will never fail to turn heads! Customize these with your brand and message to make it a potent marketing tool to promote pet care services and stores. These will make great handouts during mailer campaigns and store promotional events during national Dog Day.

2.25x2.31 Custom Dog Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

How do you plan to celebrate National Dog Day? Share your gift ideas and tips in the comments section.

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