Cats have seven lives, so will be your brand with these Cat Care Magnets

Cat care magnets make perfect promotional hand outs to promote a cattery or cat care business. Caring for a pet cat or sheltering an abandoned cat is a serious responsibility for pet care businesses as it involves hard work and determination to make their businesses stand out. Ask any cat owner to know how demanding can be the task of taking care of cats at times. Custom cat care magnets will help you to grab instant attention from customers and to make your brand well seen in your niche business segment.

It is believed that cats were first domesticated in Egypt about 10,000 years ago. The best part is that cats not just make popular pets but are even revered in many parts of the world even today! It is not an irony that the modern day cat owners have become as hard to please and finicky as their pets in finding a trusted pet care center. Cat owners are not willing to take something innocuous when it comes to caring their furry friends and are not ready to compromise on the facilities that their cats get.4x7 inch Round Corner Cat Care Magnets

Promotional cat care magnets are being increasingly favored by businesses in feline care to make their business logo stick in the minds of their customers. To highlight your cat care business you need a promotional giveaway that will never fail to deliver! These cat care magnets that love to latch on to refrigerator doors, steel desk drawers, tool boxes, and more will look like a real cat though a bit less naughty and much more useful! Imprint your logo and business message to customize it to match your branding needs. These make great promotional giveaways for anything feline including tradeshows, pet shows, grooming centers, shelters and cat food brands and make perfect handouts during pet awareness month. These custom logo magnets will help your brand weather the competitive storms and help your business to always land on its feet!

Custom 1.9x2 Cat Notekeeper Cat Care Magnet 20 Mil

We have listed some of the best selling cat care promotional fridge magnets including regular rectangle, square magnets and cat notekeeper magnets among others. Finding a perfect promotional giveaway might not be a tricky as unraveling a ball of yarn at as we will help you increase your brand exposure leaving you plenty of time for a quick cat’s nap!

Custom 1.9X2 Cat Notekeeper Cat Care Magnet 20 Mil will make your brand a constant presence in the homes and hearts of your customers. Ideal for promoting any veterinary clinic, pet supplies, pet breeding, training, boarding, and grooming services, these attractive magnets also fare well as great pet awareness giveaways and tradeshow gifts.

4×7 inch Round Corner Cat Care Magnets stand out for their adorable designs and wide imprint area that will keep your business message well displayed. This magnetic sticker enjoys a longer retention due to the adorable cat images. It is a perfect option to promote start up cat care centers as the low sticker price of these custom magnets will make them perfect for mass hand outs.

Afterall, can there be a better promotional gift than a cat face-shaped magnet to promote your cat care business? Large enough to hold all your business message and brand information and attractive to grab instant attention, these magnets will keep your brand well ahead as the cat owners need not browse through endless yellow pages to track you down!

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