How to plan a full mouthed brand promo with these Mouth Shaped Magnets

A perfect set of white teeth and shapely lips will turn a few heads for sure and the same is true with this magnet as well! Custom mouth shaped magnets ensure word of mouth publicity for a range of business lines such as dental clinics, smile centers and orthodontists and make great promotional giveaways for tradeshows, awareness campaigns, health runs and more.

1.62x3 Mouth Shaped Full Color Magnets

The biggest advantage of these custom mouth shaped magnets is their unique shape, as oral communication or talking is the simplest form of communication that everyone can relate to. Tell your recipients about your business and brand with these mouth shaped magnets that can carry your logo or artwork with ease.

These custom magnets can also be handed out at schools and educational institutions to promote dental hygiene and oral disease awareness like cancer and mouth ulcer. These delightfully shaped magnets will look good on refrigerators, metallic work counters and kitchen tops and your recipients will surely love these full mouthed magnets that can hold their little shopping lists or cooking recipes. Every time they check on their reminders, these mouth shaped magnets will also whisper your business message in their ears!

These mouth shaped promotional magnets will help you take a break from talking by doing that job for you. Reinforce your brand and cash in on the word of mouth publicity for a long time with these mouth shaped magnets without much concerted effort or investment. Cost effective and versatile, these magnets can be turned into walking billboards in no time. Every time someone drives around with these delightfully shaped magnets on their dash board, your logo will grab a few eyeballs.

2.31x3 Mouth Shaped Full Color Magnets

1.62 x 3 Mouth Shaped Full Color Magnets are visual delights that will grab instant attention from everyone. Ideal to promote beauty parlors, these magnets are well sought for their generous imprint area that will make your brand message well noticed. It can be handed out during the regular business hours, or on special days when customers flock these parlors in large numbers.

Custom 1.75 x 1.87 Mouth Shaped Full Color Magnets is another good promotional giveaway to consider for dentists and health care businesses. Put your brand logo right into their mouth by imprinting your business message between the gaps of the upper and lower lip of these mouth shaped magnets! Most people will love to retain these over their refrigerator doors because they know teeth problems that can set in any time will bring tears to their eyes.

Start up dental marketers or dental services will find these promotional magnets a cost effective option to promote their name by giving these out at health camps or healthcare events. No matter how you choose to use these promotional gifts, we bet that the unique design of these magnets will definitely rake in loads of brand impressions.

Mouth shaped promotional magnets are an excellent way to promote your business and to generate some local buzz. Make use of our free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping offers to make your business promotion successful and see your brand becoming the talk of the town literally!