Top selling Pizza magnets to promote your pizzerias

Pizza- the five letter word that will instantly make anyone drool! Let’s be frank about it. Pizza is one of the world’s most devoured dishes and it was popularized around the world by independent restaurants and big pizzeria chains. In USA, pizza is one of the most consumed dishes because of its high nutrient profile. A research says that 13% of Americans consumed pizza every day and they do not mind coming back to pizzerias that serve crisp and fresh pizzas.

Custom 1.87x2.62 Pizza Slice Shape Magnet 25 mil

In the last few years, there has been drastic increase in pizzeria chains and pizza services all over the USA and the marketers have come up with smart marketing tips to stay ahead of the competition and to grab the biggest customer pie. While Menu flyers, billboards, media advertisements fall short in pushing the sales, custom pizza magnets can make your coffers ring thanks to the proactive campaigns styles.

Your recipient’s refrigerator door is likely to be full of different types of magnets and artwork and to make your brand stand out, you need to employ some real smart tips. A business magnet will make your business stay in the minds of potential buyers and they will know whom to call every time they need your services. Your clients will see your magnet every time they use their refrigerator and this in turn will reinforce your logo in their minds.

Check out our three top selling pizza magnets that will make your brand grow as never before.

Pizza slice magnets: Pizza sells by itself, but pizza marketers have to work hard to establish their brand. The pizza slice magnets make perfect giveaways for tradeshows, food fests and fairs. The magnet that is shaped like a real pizza slice will tempt your customers for a bite of pizza! Imprint your logo, special offers and deals on these custom magnets and every time your customers have some guests or a surprise party on cards, your logo will immediately pop up in their minds. These restaurant magnets make wonderful artwork too and will go well with the kitchen themes of most homes.

Custom Printed 3x4 inch Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Coupon cards and menus: Most pizza restaurants offer paper menus and these pose the risk of littering public places. These menu and coupon magnets are just right to dodge these littering issues and still keep your brand in the minds of your diners. These refrigerator magnets will help you order the magnets of your choice in no time as the full menu will be always on display on these custom magnets

Pizza calendar magnets: Promotional calendar magnets are hot promotional choices for marketers who wish to boost their pizza sales without annoying anyone. Every time your recipients look at these calendars to plan their holidays or daily schedules, your brand logo will grab their attention. The best part is that people will retain it as a calendar and later as a refrigerator art, when the year passes!

We offer a large selection of pizza magnets categorized under – Coupon Cards and Menus, Pizza Fridge Magnets, Pizza Calendar Magnets, Pizza Squares Magnets, Pizza Slice Magnets and many more and you can choose the one that suits your brand theme to make your pizzeria the favorite hangout spot!

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