Sports magnets- How to distribute to ensure the best results

So the football fever is in the air and what better option can you think of other than the football schedule magnets to promote your brand this season? Share the football schedule magnets with the masses and make your brand the talk of the town in a fun way! Just imprint your logo, artwork or business message and make sure that your customers take a closer look at your logo. However, designing is not everything. Distributing these custom sports magnets is important as its design.

3.5x4 inch High School Square Corner Football Schedules Magnets

Here are few tips of how to make use of the football schedules magnets

If you are planning to promote your youth leagues, then these high school sports magnets will be a good option. 4×7 Custom High School Football Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners will help you enhance the popularity for your local high school football team by triggering team spirit in the students. Choose from a range of custom schedule magnets in interesting shapes to make your brand promo all play! 3.5×4 Custom Football Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners is a good option to promote your sports league and season with a difference. Ideal for school leagues or community leagues, these custom schedules are low in cost yet high in visibility. Hand out this magnetic sticker to students prior to the start of the sports season and see how your brand grabs the attention of the sports lovers and patrons in no time.

Football is a never ending passion for Americans and these logo sports magnets are perfect for year around hand outs at tradeshows, school events and sports weeks.

5x5 in One Team New Orleans Saints Football Schedule Home Furniture Square Corner Magnets 20 mil

Here are a few tips on how to go about your distribution of these high visibility promotional hits

  • When you go to any of your favorite Sports bars, cafes, convenience stores or doctor’s offices you can leave these custom magnets behind. These will make sure that your marketing message will get noticed by the scores of other customers that come to these places.
  • Your friends and family: Make sure to hand out a stack of sports schedule magnets to your biggest supporters, so they can distribute them on their move.
  • Hair salons: People will find the schedules useful and will make sure that they pick up these magnets. See how your logo will enjoy a brilliant exposure in the process.
  • Elementary schools. Students will love to take home these schedules and needless to say, their parents will become your new prospective clients!
  • Sports stands: Your community’s little league matches will undeniably attract proud parents, grandparents and students to the stands and you can hand out these sports schedule magnets to the sports fans and sell your brand to the prospective clients.
  • Direct mailer campaigns: Sports schedule magnets can be used for direct mailer campaigns as well to fan out to the target audience with ease. Light weight and sleek, these magnets will works for your brand promotion wherever these go!

Promotional sports magnets are well suited for low-cost school fundraisers and school sports events. You are rest assured of a consistent brand exposure and a big score throughout the year by giving out these logo printed magnetic high school football schedules!

Available in various sizes, shapes and price range, these custom magnets will make your brand promotion all fun. Shop now and transform the sports season into your marketing session!