What makes Football schedule magnets ideal for year around promotions

Football is more than just a field game that is hotly fought between two teams. With more than 111 million Americans following professional football, this game is a passion and a way of life for many. So a football schedule magnet is the best and the most fun way to go about promoting the brand.

4x7 inch Football Schedule Round Corner Magnets

Sports magnets stand out for their massive imprint area that can position the schedule apart from your brand logo and business message. Some can even house schedules of up to six teams, which will make all the footie fans happy about not just the sports listing but also your logo!

Huddle up! We have an impressive lineup of football schedule magnets that will bring in a fresh vigor to your promotional campaign. Just imprint your logo and business message and every time you distribute these, your brand logo will also enjoy a bold parade.

Here are a few sound reasons why football sports schedule magnets are just right for business promotions

  • With the line up better than ever before the football matches this year is expected to bring more spectators on to the ground than never before! We have an impressive selection of football sports schedule magnets in all possible colors shapes and sizes that it is never too hard for you to find something that match your promotional theme. People will love to put these personalized magnets on their refrigerators and filing cabinets to make sure that they do not miss out any of their favorite matches! As the sports fans root for their favorite team from the sidelines, your brand will also get a loud cheer as the recipients will surely remember your brand for satiating their passion for sports.

4x7 Custom One Team Carolina Team Football Schedule Health Care Football Shape Magnets 20 Mil

  • How? Football schedule magnets are perfect options to reach out to potential clients and will create a sense of community among your supportive audience.
  • WHY? Football enjoys massive patronage in America where every third person on the road could be a football fan, an amateur footballer or a sponsor! So there can’t be a better option to strike a rapport with this vast client base other than through football. They will surely remember your brand for long for being appreciative towards their passion and these magnet schedules will ensure a year around promotion, which is something that other promotional hands outs cannot do.
  • Wondering on WHERE can you distribute these? Local teams, coaches, sports events , sports bars and popular hang outs can all make excellent spots where you can give these sports schedule magnets. You can also hand these out at tradeshows, sports events and schools.

People will surely love to retain and use these schedules on their refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or infact any metal surface at their home or work place. Every time your recipients look up to these custom magnets to find the date when their favorite team will be in action, your brand will grab their attention.

Sports schedule magnets are low cost and can be booked in bulk for further cash savings. This makes it a perfect choice for budget promotions and for promoting community sports leagues, start up sports good stores or minor leagues among others.