How automotive magnets will add wheels to your brand promotion

To survive the competitive ebbs and tides, businesses should come up with unique marketing schemes that will grab the interests of the customers. Automotive magnets are great options to promote your brand on the go! These moving billboards will put your brand name, products, and services in front of your potential consumers, in the most unexpected situations.

24x24 Round Corners Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs

Car signs are much cheaper than many other forms of promotions like TV ads or radio broadcast. While most traditional promotional strategies have limited shelf life and the impact tapers off as the promotional budget gets used up. However, automotive magnets ensure you a great brand exposure very time your vehicle is being used.

These can be stuck on your delivery trucks, errand cars, and the business vehicles and your brand will be taken around with them wherever these vehicles go. Make your name ever-present with these colorful and attractive logo magnets that will never fail to garner the attention of your users. Moving or stationery, any truck that carries a logo imprinted magnet will instantly grab the consumer’s attention. Imprint these custom magnets with logo, business message or artwork that represents your business and every time you drive around, your logo gets a bold exposure. The big plus of these promotional tools is that these highly customizable magnets will let you design the advertisement the way you want!

Made from 100% vehicle grade magnets that are 30 MIL, UV safe, these long lasting magnets that are designed for outdoors will last for long and will survive all weather conditions. Perfect for value building,these can be easily put on and taken off from the vehicles without causing damage to the surface of the cars and will catch the eye of anyone that passes you.

Here are some of our popular automotive magnets that will add wheels to your brand promotion

24x18 Round Corners Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Full Color Magnet

  • Custom vehicle magnetic signs: Ideal for startup companies and small businesses that have a low promotional budget. The long shelf life and a high brand exposure will make these Custom vehicle magnetic signs ideal for promotions of all types of brands. These can be considered for car rental companies, mechanics, auto shops, car showrooms and many other automotive/regular businesses trying to reinforce their brand.
  • Magnetic car signs: These flashy car signs will make sure that your customers will see your brand in no time. Magnetic car signs make ideal promotional ideas for all businesses as these can be easily carried around on their fleet of automobiles to ensure a consistent brand promo without any concerted effort.
  • Custom door magnets: While a business owner needs to go in search of a business, a brand proprietor gets business without knocking doors and that is what makes promotional gifts important. Outdoor car door magnets are ideal to promote a bevy of business lines including landscapers, botanists, residential clients, pool maintenance professionals, bars, pizza delivery services, real estate agents, insurers and more. The free full color options will ensure maximum exposure to your brand and the best part is that your brand promotion starts the moment your vehicle gets out of the garage!