A few sound reasons on how custom magnets promote your financial services.

Let’s be frank about it! Promotional products are more effective in getting the name out for any organization as these have a higher shelf life, higher advertiser recall, increased ROI and overall impression among consumers. As per a survey of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) employing promotional products in your advertising strategies can bring about 69% of increased brand interest and leaves a good impression of the brand 84% of the time!

Promotional 3x4 inch Round Corner Investment Magnets 20 Mil

Financial product marketing is a different ball game altogether considering the multitude of options available in the market. If you are looking for an innovative marketing option that will cut ice with your customers readily , then think beyond the run of the mill promotional ideas like flyers and TV advertisements. Custom finance magnets are good options to reinforce your brand and to plan a high profile and targeted brand promotion.

Planning the finances is a tough task for most people and businesses like yours can reach out to people and help them find the right financial plans to make their lives stable and secure. There can’t be a better way to remind existing customers and potential clients of your services than a customizable magnet.

Financial magnets are budget friendly and are something that grabs the attention of every genre of customers. These magnets ensure repeated impressions and consistent brand exposure at easy prices. Surveys say that people typically keep promotional products for more than a year, which ensures a repeated exposure over a long period of time.

Here are some sound reasons how custom magnets promote your financial services.

  • Strong brand exposure: People find it difficult often to remember and recollect names of all the financial service companies that might have approached them. So, it becomes important for advertisers to hoist their brand image before them in the form of eye catching and popular promotional gifts like finance promotional magnets. The generous imprint area and the full color printing options will make sure that your brand message and contact details are well displayed. These stylish magnets also double up as stylish refrigerator art that people will love to retain. By handing out stylish gifts like magnets at tradeshows or events, people will become closer to your financial services and they will definitely contact you to know about investment plans and investment options.

3.5x4 inch Finance Promotional Magnets Square Corner

    • Make a personal rapport: Marketing your products need not be all about facts, figures and equations. You can win the customers trust by making them laugh and think at the same time with these curiously shaped magnets such as piggy bank shaped accounting magnets or locker shaped investment magnets. These magnets enjoy a massive appeal and these will look great against any surface. People will start taking your business seriously, on seeing this magnet regularly. Apart from being an neat business card, it is well suited for tradeshow, booths, conventions and much more.
    • Boost sales: Financial product market is choke a block with many business players and to stay ahead in the race, you may need to have something more than the ordinary promotional ideas in your marketing arsenal. It might take a lot of time and effort to coax people to put their hard earned money into your investment plan. If you are looking to create an impact, offer value added packages and deals to gain maximum benefits from investments.
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