How and where to use Travel magnets to promote business

Traveling is a passionate experience for some, a curious exploration for others and a way of life for the rest! With more income in hands, most people set out on regular holidays and travel and to cater to the needs of the wanderlusts, travel agents come up with hard to beat offers and package deals. It is estimated that there are 105,300 travel agents operating within the USA and the figures are only likely to go up in future. With such a tough competition, travel services are forced to promote their services persuasively. Print and media advertising alone often will not be enough for the marketers to reach out to the customers on a personal level and this is where custom travel magnets come to the bigger picture.

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Air Travel Magnets

Travel magnets will make your brand popular among the customers and will serve as a contact point to converse with your prospective clients. These make perfect promotional giveaways all around the year because traveling is an intense hobby for any average American. We have a range of travel magnets to match to a range of promotional needs and budget.

Here are a few of the different types of custom travel magnets that can be employed to make your branding a top notch affair.

Travel Agent Business Cards Magnets

Leave your best impression in the minds of your customers in the first instanced itself by giving out these travel agent business card magnets. Business cards make the starting point of any business relation and by handing out these sleek business card magnets you have a greater chance of being remembered by your clients. Paper cards are passé and often these fail to create an impact. People may misplace or trash it and along with it all your contact details will also be lost. Imprint your logo, artwork or business message and make sure that your brand remains safe in the minds of your customers.

Beach Accommodation Magnets

If you are looking for an innovative promotional gift to promote your beach accommodation, stay safe with these custom beach accommodation magnets. When mass media, print commercials and other conventional forms of marketing fail to create waves, these custom magnets can do that trick for you. Use these at tradeshows, mass mailers, travel expos and the like to attract prospective clients. Promotional magnets retain the old world charm of a brochure, the prudence of a greeting email and elegance of a promotional gift and these ensure long-term exposure for your brand unlike the other traditional media of advertising.

Customized 3x4 inch Round Corner Beach Travel Magnets 20 Mil

Air Travel Magnets

With budget air travel companies springing up all over, air travel has become popular and affordable among all genres of customers. To attract and maintain a loyal customer base, most businesses bring out innovative promotional ideas like air travel magnets. Imprint your logo , business message or special deals on these attractive custom magnets, hand it out in mass events and let the world know about your services.

Airline companies can cut down on their marketing costs by investing in these customized magnets, which can be gifted to customers at the end of their travel. People will surely retain these items over refrigerator doors as an art or a memoir that will surely inspire them to come back to you during their next trip.

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