Travel Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Travel Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Traveling is a passion for many people and their travel plans usually involves sightseeing, enjoying luxuries and amenities in their hotels, travel spending, etc. However, marketing travel is more about passionate and stringent advertising. Travel magnets help such travel services to promote their businesses passionately, persuasively and effectively at the lowest prices. Travel refrigerator magnets and travel outdoor magnets all around the year because traveling is a soul-stirring hobby for any average American.

Alternatively, you may choose from the below size or shape!

According to U.S Department of Labor, a study conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics suggested that in May 2008 there were 105,300 travel agents operating within the USA. The figures were expected to remain more or less the same up to 2018. With such intensifying market competition, travel services are forced to promote their services persuasively. Today, they understand that it is not easier to get away with pompous media advertising or print advertising and they need to address their customers at close quarters. The role of travel fridge magnets becomes important in this scenario. Marketers can easily rely on them for conversing with their prospective clients and winning their trust.

Our categorization of promotional travel magnets is comprehensive and it allows marketers to widen their scope of marketing by overcoming their limitations. They can easily order from Travel Agent Business Card Magnets, Beach Accommodation Magnets, Beach Travel Magnets, Attractions Fridge Magnets, Air Travel Magnets and State Travel Magnets.

At, we encourage marketers to select from our broad category of promotional magnets including rectangle and square magnets, oval magnets, circle magnets, custom shaped magnets, state shaped magnets and more.

We offer  free art set up, free online design proof and free full color printing with all our customizable magnets. We can proudly say that all these customized travel and tourism magnets are 100% made in USA and are safe.

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