Travel Agent Business Cards Magnets

Travel Agent Business Cards Magnets

Travel agent business card magnets work perfect for travel agents who are trying hard to increase their visibility and build trust around their business. These magnets not only allow travel marketers to introduce their business with pride but also to build strong impressions and long-term relationships. We offer free full color printing with all our promotional magnets which allows marketers to work with as many colors as they wish without adding set up charges. 

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It is customary for travel marketers to dish out their business cards whenever they come across a potential buyer. However, many travel marketers still follow this practice without realizing its downsides such as waste of efforts, waste of money and waste of an opportunity because mostly people are seen trashing it. Travel marketers can save on efforts by handing out promotional travel agent business card magnets to their prospective clients.

This selection features sample references of some of the most ordered business card magnets in this category. Additionally, you can offer these magnetic business cards in combination with other travel magnets such as attractions fridge magnets or state travel magnets. If you wish to create unique campaigns, feel free to select from any other rectangle and square magnets, circle magnets, oval magnets and custom shaped magnets.

All custom magnets offered at are produced from high quality stock and perfected to last. Therefore, travel agents can stay assured that their information is going to grab priority than their competitors. Being lightweight, these customized magnets are easily stackable and can be stocked for over a long period. We offer wholesale savings on bulk orders which makes it easier for travel agents to avail it and be given as gifts during travel shows, tradeshows and other promotional events.

To know more about designing and distribution of these travel magnets, feel free to approach us at or 855-762-4638 (Toll Free).