Five reasons that make custom Home and garden magnets a trusted promotional choice for advertisers

Are you looking for a promotional idea that will never lose its charm and flavor in promoting your gardening and landscape business? If yes, the best option is home and garden magnets that are offered in brilliant floral prints. You may not have to try hard to drive home your business message as these magnets will say it all and more on the nature of your business. The house proud customers will instantly take a note of your brand and will contact you the next time they need to mow the lawns or to prune their flower beds.

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Tree Care Magnets

Home and gardening services industry is booming in America as its busy populace tends to hire service providers to carry out their tasks like garden and home service so that they can utilize their quality time with family or for work.

Have you ever thought why home and gardening magnets have evolved to be so popular among the recipients?

Here are five reasons that make these custom magnets a trusted promotional choice for advertisers

  • Pure diversion from regular promotional materials: Custom magnets are refreshingly different from the conventional promotional materials like flyers and paper advertisements. Most people trash it or misplace these piles of paper when they need it the most. However these top quality magnets that are made in USA are designed to last long and will keep your logo in full display right in front of their eyes for a very long time.
  • It will put your brand logo in easy to find places: Custom magnets will score a few brownie points easily for its high visibility. These can be stuck on refrigerators, metallic counters and other prominent places in their homes or offices that they will never lose track of your business information and will promptly get in touch with you every time they need any gardening or home service tasks. These custom magnets that double up as refrigerator art is always retained for long by the recipients.

4x7 inch Tree Care Magnets Round Corner

  • Convey strong brand messages in short and impressive manner: Custom magnets let you imprint your logo and business message. These short and impressive messages will never fail to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Budget prices: Magnets are cost effective and fit the bills of promotional budgets. The best part is that these don’t wane away with time and will keep your logo bright and fresh in the minds of your users for long. These make promotional gifts for all round the year and every time these are handed out, it will bring a smile on the faces of your customers. Beautifully crafted, these magnets will make their idea of having a dream home one step closer!
  • Magnets are here to stay: Unlike many other promotional gifts that have only a short shelf life, magnets will remain delightfully beautiful all through to ensure a consistent brand promo. There is never an inappropriate time to gift magnets as these are here to stay. Imprint your logo, message, artwork or offers to make these versatile gift ideas that never seem to lose out their punch in turning on your customers.
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