Home & Garden Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Home & Garden Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Home and garden magnets is a vast categorization of promotional magnets perfect for businesses and professionals offering various home and gardening services. We have tried our best to include only the best-selling and mostly ordered services magnets under this selection. Offered in various sizes, shapes and designs, this logo printed magnets make a year round gift item because demand for home and gardening services never wanes. 

Alternatively, you may choose from the below size or shape!

Home and gardening services industry is booming in America. As many Americans work hard and enjoy harder, they are outsourcing their various minor and major home-servicing tasks to professional businesses. People don’t find time to clean their homes, keep their premises neat and fix leaking or lighting problems that occur in their household. That's when home and garden services come into the picture: From landscaping to cleaning to home decorating, this categorization simply goes on expanding!

Commercial organizations and homeowners can employ the home and gardening services with equal ease. It is generally believed that the boundaries of this term is limited to cleaning services, home construction, gardening services, landscaping services, commercial services, property inspectors, tree care services and repair and renovation suppliers, whereas it can also include in-home senior care providers, non-medical services, interior designers and decorators, lighting services, flooring and insulation specialists, etc. This is why we are offering various home and gardening services magnets such as tree care magnets, landscaping garden magnets, garden nursery business card magnets, home construction magnets, electrical business card magnets, dry cleaners business card magnets, lighting home magnets, cooking appliance magnets, home appliance magnets, mouse, bug, pest control magnets, plumbing business card magnets and cleaners business card magnets.

Custom home and gardening services magnets comes in various sizes. Rectangle magnets, square magnets and various other related shaped services magnets are also available. Marketers can easily rely on these customized magnets for building their visibility in the market. They can stay assured that unlike other low cost promotional items, people are going to retain these custom magnets over their refrigerator surfaces or car doors as an art.

We offer wholesale order savings for these personalized magnets and additionally marketers can save on art setup, online design proof and full color printing.

To know more about promotional home and garden – fridge & car magnets, feel free to approach us at info@custommagnetsdirect.com or 855-762-4638 (Toll Free).