Mouse, Bug & Pest Control Magnets

Mouse, Bug & Pest Control Magnets

In 2010, there were nearly 12,000 pest control services operating in the United States and the numbers are set to rise until 2017. This means as a small business operator, you have to work hard to show up in the competition. You are straightly competing against big brands such as Terminix and Orkin as well several other independent and local contractors. You can mark a positive step towards recognition by purchasing our bestseller promotionalmouse, bug, and pest control magnets.

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In 2010, bedbugs were the major topic of discussion throughout the USA and there were 83% increase in online searches for efficient pest control services. Going by industrial reports, infestation of stinkbugs and bed bugs are going to continue and pest control industry is going to register a higher growth in the coming years. On aggregating various survey reports, when bedbugs hit in the year 2010 people mostly relied on familiar local services. Again, the differentiation was made based on their business size and years of industrial experience. However, this does not mean that small pest services are not doing business but they are certainly missing out on opportunities. Promotional mouse, bug and pest control magnets would help them to make an attempt with confidence.

Pest control business offer services such as bird control and conduct extermination of mosquitoes, rodents, termites, insects and pests at commercial and residential premises. Additionally, these services also offer fumigation. This means there is vast scope for pest control services to find business opportunities. Over the years, it is reported that usage of certain chemicals and fertilizers have disturbed the ecological balance and resulted in burgeoning of pests. Most US homes and commercial organizations face difficulties with pest control. For emergencies, people usually rely on their local pest control services. Therefore, it is extremely important for pest control services to mingle with local clients more than anything else. Pest control services can easily approach their local clients during tradeshows, chamber of commerce meetings or other occasions by giving away these promotional magnets.

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