Top tips on how to make restaurant Business Card Magnets as Promotional Items

Restaurant business card magnets make great ways to introduce your brand, advertise your business and spread the word about your activities. These small and sleek magnets can become your walking billboards as your business message change hands and reach places as you meet more people and get these distributed in mass events like tradeshows or events.

2x3.5 Restaurant Business Cards Magnets Round Corner

Unlike paper business cards, these custom magnets are long lasting and attractive and best of all your clients will never fail to spot it when they need it the most as these can be stuck over their refrigerator doors, working cabinets or other prominent places.

Setting up a restaurant is easy but making it a profitable business may not be! Restaurants do not become successful overnight as they have to work hard to consistently attract the right type of customers and to make it a popular restaurant among the discerning gourmets. Keeping your business information fresh before your clients is as important as serving them fresh food for the success of any restaurant! Regular visibility coupled with good service at cost effective rates work holds the magic formula of success for these businesses.

Business card magnets are great options to strike a rapport and to create a buzz and the best part is that these can be handed out as business gifts all around the year. Hand these out to the diners or distribute these colorful cards during travel shows, business conventions, street festivals and other mass community events to make your logo popular.

Creating regular impressions and keeping up the interest is what makes the brand promotion on for restaurants. We offer custom magnets in a range of shapes and sizes to ensure something special to match your promotional theme.

Below are some of the top tips to ensure you get the most out of your business card marketing campaign.

Personalized 2x3.5 Restaurant Business Card Magnets Square Corner 20 mil


Custom restaurant Magnets can be handed out during tradeshows so people remember your business even after they go home. Imprint these magnets with your logo, business message, special offers and much more. These business cards can also be employed as discount coupons, freebie offer announcement, to introduce new menu and much more.

Identifying Customers

These custom restaurant business cards that stay on refrigerators make perfect promotional giveaways for restaurants and hotels especially. Make sure to popularize your brand among the local community. Hold fun events like food fest and cookery competitions to attract food lovers and to collect more fresh leads. Once they are smitten by the quality of food that you offer, you have a greater chance of getting repeat customers and word of mouth publicity.

Innovative Design

These custom business cards make the first impression in the minds of your customers and these have to be the best! So make use of your creative skills and make your magnets eye catching and colorful so that they will be instantly drawn towards these. You can give interesting tips and useful information like the signature dish or must try dishes for the benefit of the first time diners in your restaurants and this call of action will prompt them to try it out for sure. Choose a color theme that matches your branding theme to grab the attention of the customers.