School Reunion Magnets- The Best Way To Get The Old Pals Together!

Summer is the best time to hold class reunions as any other time would conflict with the school year, which may lead to a low turnout. Once the date and location is finalized, the next step would be to choose school reunion party favors. It can be an exciting though daunting task to pick up custom class reunion favors. Whether it is going to be a meet up of the old school gang or grad school the party favors you choose should bring out the nostalgic memories of all the good times you had.

School Reunion Magnets- The Best Way To Get The Old Pals Together!

If you are expecting a sizeable crowd, you will find these cost effective school reunion magnets as a perfect handout. Low in cost, yet well retained, magnets are something people will love to have in their collection. These will remain for a long time on the refrigerator doors and filing cabinets as tokens of the much anticipated reunion.

It might have been many years since you passed out of your school or college and reunions are perfect occasions to reminisce about the good old days. Your class reunion is likely to be a blast. So make sure to customize these magnets with peppy slogans and fun artwork that will complement the day. Unlike bags or T- shirts, custom magnets will make a high potential gift that will enjoy a long retention and will evoke memories of your school days for a very long time. Imprint your high school name, graduation year, slogans and messages on these magnets that can even be full color printed in your class colors. Your old pals will love these fun filled handouts for a very long time for sure. The best part is that these items will set off word of mouth publicity and make interesting talking topics for your guests and in fact anyone who sees these.

Light weight and long lasting, custom magnets are perfect as mailer items, goodie bag gifts and more. Everyone will love these team spirit items that double up as fridge décor and add a pop of color and charm to your filing cabinets or metal study desks!

To help you get started we are listing out some of the best selling magnets that will add a distinct identity to your reunion.

Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets: Meeting up with classmates after a long time is going to be a great occasion and these custom magnets will drive up the fun of the day as never before! Ensure maximum participation by sending your invite on these magnets with all the relevant details like date, time, and venue in colors of your choice. Do not forget to put some peppy slogans or graphics.

3.5x4 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

3×4 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets: Make your class reunion an event to remember with these reunion magnets. Full color printing allows you to add rich emotional impact to your messages.

3x4 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

4×7 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets is another perfect option to put your word across in a fun way. Class reunion is an event to remember and an occasion to bond and reminisce. Express your joy and excitement of being back amidst all your old friends with these custom class reunion fridge magnets.

4x7 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Need more? Browse our complete line of class reunion magnets and choose a model that will fit your needs! Do tell us which of these custom magnets will suit your needs in our comments section.