Turn The Baseball Season Into Your Brand Building Campaign With Custom Magnets

Baseball is still one of the most popular games in USA that enjoy a fabulous fan following among the young and young at heart. Businesses often make use of the sporting season to promote their brand and to drive up their goodwill and brand exposure. Baseball matches often bring together massive crowds under one roof, which gives the marketers a great opportunity to reach out to a massive audience at once. The excitement is not confined to the stadiums and the play arena as the excitement builds up right from the day MLB schedules are announced.

Turn The Baseball Season Into Your Brand Building Campaign With Custom Magnets

One of the perfect handouts to reach out to a mass audience without overshooting your budget will be these custom magnets. Budget friendly and popular, magnets enjoy a long term retention in the homes and hearts of your recipients.

Custom Sports Schedule Baseball Shape Magnets

Sports schedule Baseball Shape Magnets can be imprinted with the schedule of any major baseball team that you support. You can gift it during tradeshows, exhibitions, or sales events, where huge participation can be expected to strike up a banter with your target audience. These sports schedule magnets will remain on the refrigerator doors or filing cabinets that will put not display the baseball match schedules for your audience but their brand too! Just imagine the exposure your brand gets by the time the baseball season gets over. The best part is that among the hardcore baseball fans, these logo items will end up as souvenirs for lifetime.

3.875x7.25 Custom Sports Schedule Baseball Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom Baseball Save the Date Magnets

These save the date magnets are all set to be grabbed by the baseball fans in no time as they do not want to miss their favorite team in action at any cost. These Custom Baseball Save the Date Magnets will add a sporty charm to your business promotions. Just in time for the baseball season, these will be a perfect choice for marketers who wish to stir off an interest in their promotions not just among the baseball buffs but anyone who has an eye for innovations. This magnet offers large space for imprinting your message , artwork or mascot. These will also fare well as party favors for weddings or events in a baseball theme.

4.5x5.25 Custom Baseball Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Custom Baseball Schedule Picture Frame Magnets

Gone are the days when picture frames used to hold only the family snapshots or events. These days, people put their favorite quotes, messages or even sports schedules in picture frames to bring in a bit of unique charm to their hobbies and to let the world know about their sports craze. Let your recipients celebrate their love of this great game of baseball and have all the schedules right in front of their eyes with this custom baseball schedule picture frame magnet. Made of high quality magnetic material, you can stay assured of its longevity, which means long term visibility for your brand. This picture frame magnet makes an indulging corporate gift, or a tradeshow handout when the season is in progress.

7.375x5 Custom Baseball Schedule Picture Frame Magnets 25 Mil

Need more? Browse our baseball themed custom magnets and choose a model that suits your needs. It is not that we are being preferential to the baseball fans. We also have football, hockey and basketball themed magnets for the fans of other sports events as well. Happy shopping!