Custom Magnets For High School Reunions

School reunion is loads of fun, emotions and nostalgia all put together in equal measures. Planning a school reunion any time soon? Here are some planning tips that will go a long way in making the event a success.

Planning a School reunion involves a lot of ground work. Get started by finding a few high school acquaintances and creating a group and a channel of communication. Picking up great gifts, a dynamic venue and loads and loads of fun and interactive sessions is what is going to make or break your event. Tempt the participants to show up for the event by leaving their day to day activities behind for a day with these attractive frills.

No venue can match the charm of your alma mater. So, discuss with the school authorities about the date and programs and Voila you are all set for the big day. Make sure that you have the class reunion gifts ready well in advance.

Here are some creative ways how logo magnets can be used to promote the event.

Save the date magnets: Get your word out and build the buzz with these save the date magnets that can be distributed along with mailers to all the past students. Do not wait for the RSVPs to plan the big day. Make the most of social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to build up the interest and to promote the event. Call people on the phone or create a blog or a website to let all the members stay connected and to set out on a trip down the memory lane and to tempt a few alumni who are yet to make up their mind to come.2x3.5 Custom Printed Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Picture frame magnets make great reunion souvenirs. Imprint the snap shot of your school, head teacher, the year you passed out, school mascot or slogan on these adorable magnets that will be retained as souvenirs for a very long time. Your classmates will love to display these reunion favors on their refrigerators or filing cabinets for everyone to see. Just imagine the exposure your event gets every time they play host to guests.3.5x4.5 Custom Picture Frame Rectangle Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Oval magnets : The attractive shapes and the wide imprint area of these magnets make it a favorite item to consider for your school reunion day. Imprint the date and venue and hand these out during mailers. These will surely end up as delightful souvenirs in the days ahead.5x3 Custom Oval Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Car magnets : Spread your message far and wide with these attractive car magnets that will make moving billboards for your message. Imprint your logo and message on these and hand it out for your old pals and someone whom you could not get connected to, may see the announcement and turn up for the event. These magnets will ensure a high visibility campaign at low costs.5.75 Car Sign Ball Shape Outdoor Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Now that you are super charged and ready for the big day, why not shop for some of these custom magnet favors and make your school reunion a memorable affair.