How to make your branding campaign a sport with these Sports magnets

Win or lose, the diehard fans will undeniably follow their favorite teams with passion! Custom sport magnets will let you turn this passion into marketing opportunities for your brand and business. Imprinted sports magnet is something that they will look at and retain the whole season as a magnetic schedule of their favorite team.

4x7 inch High School Football Schedules Round Corner Magnets

Customize it with your brand and give away these custom magnets during sports events to ensure a greater lead conversion and game after game your brand awareness will go up in a top spin.

There is a range of custom sports magnets to consider including football , basketball, baseball and golf Schedule Magnets which make excellent promotional giveaways during tradeshows, store openings and sports events. You can also gift these as party favors during birthdays or milestone celebrations. Custom sports magnets are wonderful options to reach out to your local community and sport loving crowd. Sponsor your local high school team or the little league with these sports magnets and you are rest assured that your logo will remain in their full glare all through the season. Simple, stylish and highly promotional, these low cost custom magnets will go a long way in building brand awareness and loyalty.

Some of the popular sports magnets that can drive up the pace and pulse of your marketing campaign includes the following

Golf magnets

Golf enjoys a cult status among sporting events and enjoys a huge fan following. Marketers can cash in on the popularity of this game by giving out the golf calendar custom magnets that ever golf lover will find a useful gift. Your brand is assured of a long term exposure as a PGA season extends to almost one year as it starts in October and lasts through September of the next year and includes almost 30 tournaments. Every time your recipients look at these logo imprinted golf schedules magnet , your logo will get a bold display and these repeated impressions will make your brand their favorite. These golf magnets can also be given away at local leagues, fund raising events and social events to extend your support to the game and the players.

4x7 inch Round Corner Magnetic Racing Schedules Magnets

Hockey magnets

Hockey is a popular sport in North America and the wide spread popularity of this game can be transformed into marketing possibilities. These colorful hockey schedule magnets make an essential reference for any hockey lover and no wonder these will get a red carpet welcome in every home or workspace. These refrigerator magnets that list out the schedule of the games will be looked at by the sporting fans many time s a day to make sure that they do not miss out any of their favorite matches, which means that your log gets a wide exposure. Long lasting and cost effective , custom magnets are the trusted choices of budget promoters.

You can gift these personalized sports magnets to your current clients or new prospects, during tradeshows, hockey match, sales meetings, or offer it as a complimentary during individual in-store purchases before start of the season.

Schedule Magnets make perfect promotional gifts all around the season as people will like to get on top of all the popular sporting events. Even after the season, these colorful magnets will be retained as keepsakes and souvenir and your brand will enjoy an extended shelf life. Go for it and make your brand a top sport!