What makes Elementary School Calendar Magnets a top hit among parents?

Ask any parent of an elementary school kid to know about the significance of the elementary school calendar magnet in their lives! It is amazing to note that how a simple fridge magnet enables the parents to easily plan their lives throughout the school year without losing their sanity.

4x7 inch Elementary School Calendar Square Corner Magnets 20 mil

These handy custom magnets help them to schedule child care, vacations, doctor appointments and much more, keep all the school holidays, half-days, and parent-teacher meetings right in front of their eyes and help them manage their kids’ schedule by just glancing over to these magnets that are displayed on the fridge or the filing cabinets. Forget about those tattered paper calendar that will become a bundle of mess by the middle of the school year or the pain of getting through the busy school phone line, to know about the holidays and special events as these school magnets will keep them up to date of every single happening in the school for the whole school year.

These elementary school magnets can be handed out during tradeshows, school openings, educational fairs and much more and the parents will never fail to appreciate your thoughtful gift. Custom magnets are cost effective and are priced less than paper calendars and will last long. The schools can imprint their logo, mascot, message and other relevant information and the parents get a smart year planner that will help them to put some sense into the busy schedules of their kids while you can promote your brand. Elementary school calendars can foster a strong bonding between the school and parents as well.

4x6 inch Elementary School Calendar Square Corner Magnets 20 mil

Parents and students will be happy to stick these customized school refrigerator magnets over their fridge doors or study tables as a symbol of their pride. These may also serve as referrals for their friends or family members who might be looking for a good elementary school for their kids. These attractive logo magnets will also inspire the kids to excel in their studies and build up their commitment towards their schools

Magnetic calendars will ensure easy access to school contact information and relieve them from the task of hunting for those school diaries and phone lists on a busy morning. In addition to providing a convenient contact list and friendly reminder for the parents, School Contact Magnets also serve as a promotional item for your school.

Our school calendar magnets are a hit with parents, students and teachers alike for their functional features. These are especially well suited for school districts looking out for low budget and effective promotional materials. They make excellent promotional giveaways for fundraisers, tradeshows, and school events or even distribute it through parent school information centers.

The school year may have just ended but a new year is fast approaching. You can order in bulk with us and avail attractive cash savings and discounts. Avoid last minute rush as these custom magnets will make sure that your school is well remembered for being considerate towards the needs of the parents!