Unique brand promotional ideas with Daycare center business magnets

If you love children, a daycare center business will be a smart business choice. Be it on a small scale at your home or in a bigger space, day care centers make bee hives of activity and loads of fun and laughter! However to find prospective clients and to beat the stiff competition around, you may have to come up with some really interesting promotional giveaways and gifts that will lure the discerning parents into your day care centers.

2x3.5 Day Care Center Business Card Magnets round Corner

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that day care businesses is set to be one of the industries with the fastest employment growth through 2020. This business segment in the U.S. has consistently grown in sales in recent years and has remained unaffected by the economic recession. The steady increase in the number of working mothers in USA has put day care businesses on a growing curve.

Parents often depend on reviews and word of mouth publicity while choosing a day care center for their tiny tots and are often reluctant to try out new day care centers. So, promotional campaigns become essential for daycare centers to improve their brand exposure and to reach out to the prospective clients.

If you are looking for a cost effective promotional giveaway to put your business message out, then day care center business card refrigerator magnets will be a good option to consider. Imprint your logo, slogan, artwork and more in full color print on these magnets to make your brand popular among the prospective customers. Ideal for tradeshows and fairs, these magnets look great on refrigerators and the parents will be happy to try out your facility when they see your contact information right in front of them on a regular basis.

Customized 2x3.5 Day Care Center Business Card Magnets Round Corner 25 mil

Their refrigerator is a display space of all their favorite and special keepsakes that make them happy and these custom magnets will make sure that they can be at ease when it comes to your child’s care. These customized magnets are well suited for franchise childcare businesses, privately –owned day care centers and even nannies, nurseries, and more.

To put steam to your promotional campaign , here are some of our unique creative ideas that will never fail to cut ice with your customers.

  • Host an event – Events are the best platforms to generate a buzz and to tell your clients about your activities. Open houses, kid’s activities, family fun time, arts and sports day and family bonding events can all be good opportunities for you to collect leads and contact details of prospective clients.
  • Complementary products and services – You can enhance your scope of work by offering complementary services like after hours babysitting, arts and crafts lessons, music classes and the like. You can even think of aerobics or fitness classes for the mothers of your tiny patrons!
  • Smart brand promotionPlace a few of these custom magnets at your local dentists offices, in rest room stalls, beauty parlors and the like to grab the attention of the mothers. Catchy slogans like “when you are at work who will tend for your kids?” will surely drive home your message.