Day Care Center Business Card Magnets

Day Care Center Business Card Magnets

Day care center business card magnets are those advertising magnets sought by day care centers and other related services to promote their business. We offer free full-color printing which enables day care centers and education institutions to work with various colors without any additional set up charges. Being nominally charged, most day care centers can afford these promotional magnets for bulk giving. Save on wholesale orders, art setup and online design proof. 

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Today, day care businesses are on a growing curve in USA and Canada because the population of independent and working mothers is growing. Parents around America nurse high standard expectations from day care centers. Much of the interest in day care centers is stirred by recommendations from other fellow parents, relatives and parents, who have used their services before. So it is becoming increasingly necessary for day care centers to improve their services and reach out to their prospective clients in a very effective manner. Day care center business card refrigerator magnets are tools which helps these day care centers to spread their visibility in an attractive manner.

Day care centers can easily put their contact information on refrigerator doors of their existing and future clients with any day care fridge magnets from our collection. These customized magnets are well suited for franchised childcare businesses, privately–owned day care centers and even nannies, nurseries, and more. When printed with business logo and contact details, these personalized magnets offer easy access to your day care center.

Unlike paper business cards, these business card magnets lend great stability and easy accessibility to the business information. People can easily find them on their refrigerator doors, working cabinets, etc. Most parents, who wish to entrust their child’s care and safety would appreciate this professional attitude.

Day care services can gift away these customized business card magnets during tradeshows, local fairs, community service programs, public programs and more. They can also gift promotional fridge magnets as a token of appreciation at the time of registration or during some special days at their day care center.

It is simple to convert an existing business card into a business card magnet. You just need to share your artwork with us at or upload it at the end of the express checkout page! If you do not possess any business card or wish to try something different, we can help you with a new design at no extra charge.

To know more of our tailored pricing benefits, designing and distribution of these custom school magnets, feel free to contact us at or get in touch with our team at 855-762-4638.