School Schedules Calendar magnets

School Schedules Calendar magnets

School schedule calendar magnets help to bridge the gap between teachers and parents with their year- long visibility. These calendar magnets help teachers, students and parents to keep track of events throughout a school year and it keeps contact information over refrigerator doors. By giving away these personalized magnets, schools can show their ability to connect with their students and their families in a positive way. Save on art setup and online design proof because their prices are included.

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Promotional school schedule calendar refrigerator magnets help parents, students and teachers to organize their schedules and manage their dates. These promotional magnets possess two distinguishable parts – school schedules and magnetic calendars. Additionally, it lends large imprint area for positioning school mascot, school logo, contact information and other special information.

Most custom magnets fail to hold a viewer’s attention for more than a month, however, these school magnets are different. It is seen that most parents and students don’t like to take it down even after the year rolls out. School contact magnets easily become a source of pride for students and parents.

With a range of designs and sizes to select from, we are confident that everyone will find something that fulfills their needs. Most schools encourage students and parents participation in their day–to-day affairs and these promotional magnets serve them the best. Schools can easily watch the parents involvement on improving the students appropriate behavior.

Customized school schedule calendar fridge magnets make a great giveaway during various school events such as annual day functions, parent council meetings and more. All our school spirit magnets are crafted on high quality magnetic stock material sourced from various states within the contiguous USA. Schools can even consider it for bulk mailing on special occasions.

We offer free full-color printing which enables schools to go lavish with their choice of imprint colors. They do not have to worry about additional set up charges or any other hidden charges.

These magnetic school calendars and schedules are offered at an excitingly low price, thereby making it affordable for mass giving. We offer the benefit of tailored pricing for small schools and educational institutions which wish to work on popularity building at a small budget.

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