Smart Tips For Customizing Pizza Magnets

A menu that looks fresh and appetizing to the hungry customers holds the key to success for any pizzeria. An impressive menu that gets regularly updated with fresh flavors is what matters the most for marketers in keeping the existing customers happy and attracting new customers. Pizza magnets make an excellent way to advertise your menu, specialty items, ingredients or even a bit of family history or pizza making tips with your customers. These full color magnets will not just create an interest and instant sales but will ensure a high level of credibility to your business.7 Inch Custom Circle Picture Frame Magnets 20 Mil

A pizza shop owner need not be an advertising wizard. But these simple , customizable pizza magnets will help you stretch every bit of your promotional dime.

Here are some smart tips to customize your pizza menu cards that will actually work and get more diners to your pizzeria!

  1. Full color printing makes the menu cards appealing to the eyes of the diners and contrary to the common notion, color printing does not cost you more than black and white printing!
  2. Lively images and unique menu items will add a dramatic appeal to your menu magnets, which in turn ensures a long term retention of these logo items.
  3. Your menu imprinted on these pizza fridge magnets should be easy to read. So, make sure to use simple and large fonts and keep just the basic and the most relevant information on these menu magnets.
  4. Including discount coupons and special offers will make sure that your customers check out the magnets on their refrigerator doors more often!
  5. Menu magnets make excellent handouts at colleges, community events and at the billing counter of your pizza shop. You can even insert these in news papers or employ it as mailer items.
  6. Menu magnets will popularize your logo and catchphrase faster than most logo items.
  7. Get your menu stay longer on the refrigerator doors of your diners with these pizza sports schedule magnets. You can even include a local sports calendar, a handy note pad or a monthly calendar that will make your recipients explore these magnets more often.4x7 Custom Pizza Sports Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
  8. Be original: Interesting contests, puzzles and deals will make these custom magnets last long and engage your customers with your logo in a fun manner.
  9. Not good in designing? Better seek professional help. We at custom magnet direct offer art work assistance and can help you design a menu magnet the way you want- see how these will pay off!

Some of the magnets that fare well among pizza magnets include 4×7 coupon cards and menu magnets , 3×4 menu magnets 20 mil, pizza coupon card magnets 25mil, 4×7 pizza menu magnets square corners– just to mention a few!

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