The Most Effective Ways To Use Promotional Magnets During The 2016 Election Year

Voting is a sovereign duty of everyone. To get the maximum voters to the booths, political candidates often come up with freebies and token gifts of appreciation. Businesses also can make the most of the election campaign time in popularizing their message without any party affiliations.

Appreciate the regular voters
How about attracting more people into your store with Election Day gifts as incentives? Raffle gifts or discount coupons for those who have voted will make a great choice. Calendar magnets, magnetic notepads or car magnets will all make attractive gift ideas to consider. Low in cost yet high in functionality, these logo items will encourage the voters to be proactive in the democratic process of the country.

Inspire the youth
The younger generation is often reluctant to cast their votes as they are either preoccupied with their lives or may find the whole process mundane. Spread awareness of the importance of voting among the youth and encourage them to cast their priceless mandate by handing out promotional magnets that can be imprinted with inspiring slogans like “I will vote” will go a long way in instilling national pride and getting them actively involved in the political processes of the country.

Here are some of the other custom political magnet options that can be considered by political parties or candidates to popularize their election message and to promote their candidates among the general public.

Political Business Card Magnet These make the most vocal brand ambassadors for your election campaign. Imprint these magnets with the name and contact details and stick it over easy-to-find places around the home or office and remind them about your presence in the political fray. A smart way to leave the candidature in front of the voters and to influence their voting decisions, these business card magnets will enjoy retention as keepsakes even after the election season. These magnetic business cards are great for mass giveaways during rallies or meet the voter events. Our prices will keep you covered for shipping, full color printing and artwork assistance.3.5x2 Custom Political Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Political outdoor and car magnets These attractive outdoor magnets make hard to miss moving billboards for your candidates. It will not just improve your popularity but also add a new dimension to your campaigning process. These magnets that are easy to stick upon and remove can be employed on the fleet of vehicles of supporters and campaign managers to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your voters. Great for political rallies and road events.12x12 Custom Election Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Political Calendar Magnet Avail maximum publicity at minimum effort and cost with these calendar magnets that will enjoy year long retention at homes and offices of your supporters and political campaign workers. You can even use these magnets to highlight the various upcoming promotional events, rallies and campaigns of your party and keep the voters well informed. This will get the crowds surging into the election campaign venues and will make your candidature popular.4x7 Personalized Political Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Oval shaped  Political Magnets These political campaign car reflective oval shape full color magnets will make excellent outdoor publicity materials. Oval shaped magnets offer the maximum imprint space, which makes it a popular choice for political campaigns. This magnet also holds high retention value because people find it difficult to part with the memorabilia of their favorite leaders.11.13x16.5 Custom Political Campaign Car Reflective Oval Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners