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    Custom Magnets and Their Utility for Promotions

    Custom magnets are excellent way of brand promotion. They are available in multiple shapes and designs. Also, there are utility magnets like calendar magnets, car sign magnets and etc. A magnet becomes custom magnet when it is shaped or developed to suit business requirements of a particular advertiser. Custom magnets are accepted way of advertisement or announcement. People always give attention to unique products; thus a uniquely shaped magnet will grab all eyes around and will bring desired results.

    Custom Magnets and Their Utility for PromotionsCustom Magnets and Their Utility for Promotions

    Types of Custom Magnets Used for Promotions

    There are several types of custom magnets, which can be employed for typical product promotions-

    Custom Shaped Magnets
    Promotional magnets can be shaped in any desired design and pattern: car shaped magnets, home shaped magnets, and ribbons and etc. Promotional magnets can be availed in any shape according to the requirement of the clients. Such unique shapes help making a visual statement of the brand or product at the very first sight. Even when affixed over cabinets, shelves or refrigerators, these variedly shaped magnets will serve as an eye candy for the user as well as beholder.

    Custom Magnetic Business Cards
    Business cards are created following a generalized pattern it can serve as a stepping stone towards building a social identity. However, promotional magnetic business cards can leap a step ahead and instead of just remaining a plain “jane” they can transform into a swan. This means they can be created in any shape or size depending on the promotional requirements. Business cards are generally customized during development stages. Any desired color or styles can be applied over them. There are also options to attach business cards onto calendars or notepads. Custom business cards are sought by advertisers because they aid in gaining easy visibility and unique identity.

    Custom Utility Magnets
    There are several custom made utility magnets exclusively designed for promotional purpose. Custom calendar magnets, food shaped magnets, notepads, and clip magnets are examples for that. When a promotional magnet is converted into a utility product, it offers assured visibility and is favored by the customer. Magnetic promotional materials are favored by customers because they help to seize brand information quickly and at times double up as item of daily use.

    Custom Personal Magnets
    Custom made personal magnets are great brand promotion tools. Magnetic photo frame and save a date magnets are examples of personal magnets. Large number of people use photo frames and save a date magnet. Brands can pursue customers with such magnetic items to ensure visibility and to improve brand reputation. Products such as photo frames are always kept at places, which grab maximum attention. On the psychological aspect, when the user develops an attachment towards the magnet, indirectly he/she starts favoring a brand, which floored them with such useful business gift.

    Magnetic printing has empowered advertisers to come up with brilliant promotional ideas and the above mentioned list is growing with each passing day.

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