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    Three Steps towards Brand Building Using Custom Shaped Magnets

    In this highly competitive world, brand building has become a competitive task. Businesses are always in search of value added, but cheap marketing outlets, which help them to address their customers in a short time frame. Magnet advertising is slowly emerging as an effective marketing trend. Today, many companies are proud to offer custom shaped magnets as souvenir because it offers high visibility, and durability than other marketing materials.

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    Three Steps towards Brand Building Using Custom Shaped Magnets
    Magnet advertising is highly effective form of brand building and you cannot go wrong with it if you follow these three steps-

    Right Customization- During earlier phases of magnetic advertising, the magnets were offered in basic shapes, and choices were limited too. Today, they are offered in different forms, sizes, colors, and are used for varied marketing purposes. Some of the most common types of marketing magnets are save the date magnets, picture frame magnets, custom made magnets, calendar magnets, school magnets, photo frame magnets, etc.

    Before starting with magnet advertising, you need to be sure of certain things like purpose of advertising, demographics, and budget. This will help you to decide, which type of personalized magnet will aid you in brand promotion. For eg- If you are owning a pizza selling franchisee , then perhaps you can opt for food shaped pizza magnets, carrying your business information. This gesture will not only add to brand building, but also improve customer satisfaction. A happy customer means improved sales and high revenues.

    Practical- Today, market is full of funky looking toys, which are powered by magnets. Most of the times people tend to throw out these toys after certain time. This is where you need to act smart with your customized magnets and make it as practical as possible. For instance you can offer magnets, which will function as a refrigerator art and also serve a purpose. With little creativity you can model them as pizza shaped magnetic keychain, or bottle opener, etc. These types of inventive magnets will help in boosting your brand image and it will help you to stay in public memory for long time.

    Simplicity – Try to keep the magnetic designs as simple as possible. You can perhaps utilize the minimum space, but express valuable information. For e.g. you can use logos, supported by cool color scheme and give out contact details in specialized font. Remember that information overload can kill the purpose of advertising. Also, the magnet should be modeled such that a user starts liking it the very moment he sets eye on it.

    Summary – A custom shaped magnet acts as a mini billboard and offers high visibility. Customers can affix them on different surfaces depending upon their importance. Therefore advertisers need to be very careful in creating and distributing them amongst targeted customers.

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