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    Food Refrigerator Magnets for Customer Retention

    “A best way to man’s heart is through his stomach” goes a famous saying. This catch phrase is no more tied up with a lady’s culinary skills; rather it has assumed a globalized importance. Today, you can come across established or branded eateries in every small town, and city across the world. Marketing these eateries has been a daunting task for many restaurateurs. Over the years they have relied on various marketing mediums to promote their brands. Magnetic advertising is a latest marketing trend, which has caught fancy of restaurateurs across the world. Food refrigerator magnets are being handed out in many eateries as a token of goodwill.

    Pizza Slice Shape magnet

    Food shaped magnets come in different shapes and sizes and some of the popular ones include
    plate and custom silverware shaped refrigerator magnet, grocery bag shaped magnet, cheese shaped fridge magnet, ice cream cone shaped magnet, food bucket shaped magnet, apple shaped magnet, pumpkin shaped magnet, pizza shaped magnet and take out box shaped magnet. Pizza shaped magnet is the most common type of food shaped magnet handed out at the restaurants serving pizza.

    Why you should use food magnets for customer retention?

    Customer retention is a crucial aspect of business promotion. Restaurateurs and food joint owners can always harp on these food magnets for customer retention. It aids them due to following reasons-

    Doubles Up as an Impressive Freebie – Most of the food serving joints thrive on the power of those effective freebies that they hand out in the form of some discount coupons, special dining coupons, or nowadays as pizza shaped magnets, etc. So, you need to ensure that most of the food purchases at your food joint are followed by a lovely souvenir. Your souvenir will not only affect customers approach, but also improve your brand value.

    So, the next time the customer will think of you, when the hunger pangs start overpowering their senses.

    Try to stock the food fridge magnets in large numbers, so that you don’t fall short of them, when someone asks for it. If possible try to give away some free magnets even to the people who have not visited your food joint. You can do it easily by arranging someone to drop it into the nearby offices and other public buildings. This will help in boosting the brand image.

    Exudes Simplicity & Warmth- This is definitely a very important keyword for the success of any marketing campaign. Your magnet is going to highlight your specialized niche, so there is no need to stuff lots of information on it. Every customer is bothered about three things –what you do, why they should buy from you, and how they can reach out to you. So, it is very important to fulfill these three requirements at one go and only a food shaped magnet can help you to achieve it. A food shaped magnet has got high persuasion power due to its shape.

    All big and small time businessmen involved in food business can seek this magnet because it helps them to attain easy recognition with fewer efforts and even less investment.

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