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    Custom Shaped Magnets for Business Promotions With Available Choices

    Brand promotion is a communication between a brand and customer. It can be visual communication, or a language based one. A bill board suitably imprinted with business images and logo is example for visual communication and public announcements are forms of verbal communication. Custom magnets are the only promotional tools, which have helped to build bridges between verbal and visual forms of advertising.

    Custom Shaped Magnets

    Magnets can be availed in different shapes and sizes according to the business requirements. In the earlier stages of magnetic advertising there were some constraints in magnetic printing and advertisers were forced to get contented with available choices. Today, there are no limitations over the shapes and sizes because magnets can be created in any perceivable shape. Following are some of popular genres of custom shaped magnets utilized for promotion-

    Food Shaped Magnets – Magnets in the shape of food items such as pizza, bread, cake, ice cream, and vegetables are favored by grocers, and food manufacturers. There are magnets to mimic shapes of vegetables, fruits and other bakery products.

    Health Care Magnets - Magnets in the shape of Red Cross, eye glasses, tooth, band aids, mortar and pestle, hearts, etc are favored by advertisers working in healthcare sector.

    Bottle Shaped Magnets - Magnets in the shape of baby bottles are favored by advertisers dealing with baby care products. Bottle shaped magnets are also utilized by expectant mothers and new parents to announce the arrival of their baby.

    House Shaped Magnets – House shaped magnets are especially sought by architects, builders, real estate agents and other related services to promote their business. House shaped magnetic business cards are the most favored of the lot due to their ability to remain fresh and highlight business information in best possible way.

    Vehicle Shaped Magnets – This is one big category of custom shaped magnets utilized for outdoor and indoor promotions. Advertisers can choose to promote through car, bus, truck shaped magnet and gain easy benefits. Thousands of promotional magnets are offered under this category and advertisers can choose them accordingly.

    Animal Shaped Magnets – There are no constraints in utilizing them because anyone can use them for expressing their thoughts. This magnetic sticker can be offered as a toy, business gift or as a medium of expression. Animal rights activists, pet shop owners, and pet owners are some of the benefactors of this magnetic sticker.

    Advertisers can opt for magnets in any shapes, with the only requirement that they should aptly convey the brand information.

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