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    Using Political Magnets During Political Campaigns

    Being an aspiring politician you know the importance of branding. Generally branding is done through word-of-mouth marketing and other traditional methods. However, traditional branding or advertising in electronic and print media are considered powerful, but still you can try to address people through promotional products such as political magnets.

    Political Magnet

    As, there is no hard and fast rule regarding, which type of magnetic item should be treated as a political magnet or which shouldn’t be. They have no specific form and you can customize any regular magnetic promotion material and use it as a custom political magnet.

    Creating Political Magnets from Promotional Magnets

    Political Magnet
    Here are some of the ways in which you can utilize different types of promotional magnets for campaigns–

    • Calendar Magnets – Election fuelling calendar magnets announcing the special dates leading to election or after that should be printed and handed over to voters. This calendar will help the voters to grasp your vision and goals. This is one promotional gift, which will be retained by your supporters and non-supporters for a long time due to its novelty.

    • Fridge Magnets – These magnets are the most common type of custom political magnets gifted during the elections. Magnets customized with candidate details can always do wonder for campaign. People will pin it to their refrigerators and will remember you every time they open it for some purpose. This type of magnet is often retained for a long time.

    • Car Magnets – They are another popular variants of promotional magnets used during campaigns. These magnets are generally produced in larger sizes so that they become easily visible. They are handed over to the supporters and asked to pin on their vehicles. This type of promotion is very effective because you can cover large audience without actually meeting them. Car magnets help to improve the visibility of political campaign. Apart from that large truck magnets are also popular during the election campaign.

    • Magnetic Notepads – It has been observed that many campaigners hand out notepads and other stationary items during the campaign. They can really make a difference by offering these magnetic notepads. The supporters can use these notepads for personal uses or they can utilize it in better way at offices and homes, thereby treating it as a small campaigning item.

    • Magnetic Business Cards – Business cards with contact details of campaigners can work wonders and is likely to be treasured by supporters and non-supporters alike. The supporters can think of fixing it up on their tables at office, thereby embarking a small promotion campaign.

    • Magnetic Stickers – These stickers are easy to carry and are favored during the election season. It is handed over to the supporters who can either hand it over to other followers or ask others to stick it on their vehicles or metallic surfaces.

    When it comes to custom political magnets, the sky is a limit and you can create a difference with little imagination and minimum investment.

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