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4X5 Square or Round Edge Magnets

4X5 Square or Round Edge Magnets

Magnetic advertising is characterized by the charm that it exudes on promotion. Magnets offer lots of promotional space and extended visibility than other forms of advertisement. The 4x5 rectangle magnet from our collection is utilized by many advertisers for outdoor and indoor promotion. An advertiser can choose to customize round or square edged rectangle magnet with the business information of his choice. The 4X5 rectangular magnet offered in the thicknesses of 20 mil or 25 mil is considered good for indoor promotion. A 4x5 rectangular magnet in 30 mil thickness is good for outdoor promotion.

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Today, you do not need to shell out huge money to get noticed. They can relatively invest on something as useful as a 4x5 custom rectangle magnet and still make a difference. The 4x5 magnet is offered at premium prices when purchased in bulk. The custom rectangle magnet can be customized for a small fee and the product is delivered on doorsteps within a week after ordering.