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4X10 Custom Rectangular Magnets

4X10 Custom Rectangular Magnets

A 4 x 10 rectangle magnet is considered a very good outdoor promotion tool because it offers high visibility and improved advertising space. If you are a newbie businessman, then it is best to opt for a 4x10 rectangle magnet due to the following reasons – 

Lower advertising rates

Freedom of expression

High visibility 

Aids in improving the brand appeal

Keeps on encouraging customers for a long time

Advertisers know that they cannot go wrong with a 4 x 10 magnet with 30 mil thickness for outdoor promotion because it remains affixed to the vehicular door until it is forcefully peeled off.

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Our 4x10 rectangular magnets are priced such that they can cater to the demands of advertisers working with different advertising budgets. An advertiser can choose from soft looking round or square edged magnet of thickness 20 and 25 mil for prices as low as $0.55 and $0.65. Advertisers can make great savings by purchasing these magnets in bulk. They can customize it against a small fee and nothing is charged until the phase of design approval. Another great thing is that advertisers only need to make payment and receive the order at their doorstep in next 5 to 6 working days after design approval.