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5X6 Custom Rectangle Magnets

5X6 Custom Rectangle Magnets

A 5x6 rectangle magnet, makes a good promotion choice for advertisers who want to make it big with a light bang. This magnet has been utilized as best non-intrusive advertisement tool and it is highly sought by advertisers because it offers them creative freedom. Advertisers feel that a 5x6 rectangular magnet offers them an unmatched marketing experience over others and they can choose from magnets with 20, 25 and 30 mil thickness for prices as low as $0.38, $0.41 and $0.73.

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A 5x6 magnet easily gets affixed to metal surfaces and can remain there until forcefully removed. This magnet can be customized to carry all important business information. The stylish and polished design of the magnet makes it one of the most sought after and advertisers choose to purchase it in bulk with huge discount margins. The 5x6 rectangle magnets offered in 20 and 25 mil thicknesses make good indoor promotion tools. Magnets with 30 mil thickness are utilized for outdoor promotion.