Florist Business Card Magnets

Florist Business Card Magnets

Florist business card magnets are one of the popular promotional items sought by florists to maximize their business impact. Most florists are habitual of handing out promotional business cards to their clients; however, they understand that the response rate is very low. People usually discard business cards to avoid clutter which means failure for a marketer who is trying to make an impact. Our floral business card magnets have aided florists who are wishing to make difference to their business information.

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Handing out a logo imprinted business card is a ritual which most businessmen follow till this date. They know people may or may not retain their business cards but they do not want to miss the opportunity of introducing their business. Florists are no different from other businessmen when it comes to promoting their business through business cards. This is the reason we decided to put up this selection of best-selling floral business card magnets.

Many people consider business cards as dull items due to their plain designs. However, florist business cards or floral business card magnets are enriched with floral images to make perfect representations. We offer attractively designed floral fridge magnets business cards to our customers. They can choose to hand it out during deliveries, floral shows, tradeshows or other events.

Being produced from high quality magnetic stock, these made in USA promotional magnets can be stored for future distributions. We offer great savings on bulk orders which allows marketers to stock them for long term gifts. Whether you are a major florist or a start up business, we can serve you better because we have a great collection of flower marketing business card magnets for all budget sizes.

Save on art setup, online design proof and full color printing on any of these promotional florist magnet business cards. If you are yet to find a floral business card matching your requirement or meeting your budget, feel free to select from our collection of business card magnets. Our team would be happier to help you with the customization.

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