Flower Delivery Magnets

Flower Delivery Magnets

Most of the people love receiving their floral presentations at the doorstep. What if they cannot find information of their nearest florist? Florists can avoid the situation of ifs, buts and what’s by employing these flower delivery magnets. These promotional magnets work perfect for florists, floral decorators, interior decorators (specializing in floral arrangements) and more. Floral magnets score over other marketing magnets with their visual presentation.

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4x7 Custom Flower Delivery Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.44
50 Magnets for $128.00
3x4 Custom Flower Delivery Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.18
100 Magnets for $149.00
3x5 Custom Flower Delivery Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.25
50 Magnets for $122.50
Alternatively, you may choose from the below size or shape!

Floral presentations never go out of style because no occasion is complete without them. People love to splurge on floral arrangements during weddings, funerals and all other special occasions in life. During all these occasions, people prefer to buy from florists who could supply at their doorsteps. Florists have a hard time conveying to their customers about this specialized service. However, now they can seek relief by indulging in any of these florist fridge magnets announcing their delivery services.

Florists can distribute their personalized floral delivery magnets to their regular customers or they can mail it to them. Attractive pricing benefits can be availed on bulk orders and marketers can easily get discounts by ordering these promotional magnets in bulk. Produced from high quality durable stuff, these promotional flower delivery magnets can be stacked and stocked for long term usage. Florists can make the most of available opportunities to promote their services. They can gift it during tradeshows, floral and fruit shows, local events, community fests, church programs and more. Visually appealing floral magnets are sure to grab footage over refrigerator doors as a refrigerator art. People may not let it go easily due to its appealing design and importance of business information imprinted on them.

Our florist delivery magnets are crafted over rectangle and square magnets, however, florists can experiment by indulging other custom shape magnets, oval magnets and circle magnets.

Save big on wholesale orders on these delivery floral refrigerator magnets. Avail free online design proof, free art setup and free full color printing on all orders. To know more about customization and promotional aspects, feel free to approach our team of product specialists available at info@custommagnetsdirect.com or 855-762-4638 (Toll Free).