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    Red Cross Refrigerator Magnets

    Red Cross Refrigerator Magnets

    Red Cross refrigerator magnets are perfect for hospitals and clinics that are trying to promote their services. A red cross is commonly used over billboards and hospital boards to inform people about a hospital. These healthcare promotional magnets are perfect to promote clinics, blood banks, hospitals and many other healthcare services. These are perfect as a year round gift because people will treasure it over their refrigerator doors for a quick reference. Made in USA magnets.

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    Customized red cross fridge magnets help hospitals and healthcare services to position their brand name effortlessly and build their credibility. The term hospital marketing may strike with its oddness because there is a strong misconception that hospitals find their clients easily. However, it is partly true that people usually find hospitals easily but you cannot make them go there. It requires strong word-of-mouth advertising and hard core traditional marketing to attract patients. It often takes up years for hospitals to establish their business and attract quality patients.

    Most hospitals cater to local patients because people usually rush to their nearby hospitals during emergencies. This means hospitals should concentrate on strengthening their local outreach rather than global advertising. Over the years, they might have positioned their services through various newspaper, media advertisements and more. However, most of these traditional marketing and advanced marketing items are expensive and lack persuasion. Hospitals should target individual self-expression rather than mass marketing if they wish to strike a rapport with their potential clients.

    People will happily treasure it over their refrigerator doors for finding the address and contact details of the hospital. Easy accessibility combined with their personal experiences will encourage them to refer it to others thereby offering the benefit of the word-of-mouth advertising.

    These customizable magnets are perfect for promoting a hospital, a specialized service wing in the hospital or promoting services of a surgeon. We offer the benefit of free full-color printing which allows hospitals to position their business information in a persuasive way. They can work with impressive visuals and contact information for sprucing up the eligibility of these personalized magnets.

    Hospitals can distribute these promotional healthcare magnets during regular days or during tradeshows, medical camps or other fund raising event. We offer excellent wholesale pricing in the industry.

    Prices of art setup and online design proof are included. To know more about special pricing and other details, feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or write to us at

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