Insurance Calendar Magnets

Insurance Calendar Magnets

Insurance calendar magnets are an effective, affordable and influential promotional items sought by insurance services, trying to widen their visibility. These magnetic calendars offer year long visibility and unlimited leads from a one-time investment. We offer free full-color printing with these customized magnets which means insurance marketers can go lavish with their choice of colors. 100% made in USA magnets. All are lead-free and hygienic magnetic calendars.

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4x7 Custom Insurance Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.44
50 Magnets for $128.00
Alternatively, you may choose from the below size or shape!

In this highly competitive niche, insurance marketers have to put up a hard fight to promote their business effectively. Every year, they have to invest in a million-dollar advertising to remain in public visibility and improve their credibility. However, it is believed that 15-30% of this marketing budget goes waste due to wrong marketing investments. This is why many insurance services are getting drawn to low budget advertising. Custom insurance calendar refrigerator magnets allow them to make a year long impact at no additional costs.

Today, insurance services are spending lavishly on television advertisements, print advertisements and hoarding to announce new insurance programs. Many times, clients find it intrusive. However, insurance consultants and services can encourage their clients to remain in touch with them as often as they can. They can easily hand them these promotional calendar magnets with their specified contact details. Unlike other promotional items, these magnetic calendars offer many benefits. It allows users to track dates, organize their schedules and find their insurance agent easily!

Everyone loves colorful refrigerator magnets with calendars because it easily transforms their dull refrigerator doors and helps them to organize their schedules. Many times, insurance calendar fridge magnets are retained on refrigerator doors for years as a refrigerator art and a memoir.

Insurance businesses sourcing their customized magnetic calendars from us can save on art setup, online design proof and full-color printing because their prices are included. We offer special tailored pricing benefits to start up insurance consultants and businesses. Our low budget pricing empowers small budget marketers to order these custom magnets for bulk distribution. A perfect gift for insurance industry tradeshows, client meetings and other mass occasions! Custom calendar magnets are also perfect for bulk mailing.

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