Business Card Magnets – Leave A Lasting Brand Impression

Business card magnets are classic marketing tools, that will turn your first hand shake into a long lasting relationship. Businesses of all sizes use business cards during promotional events, trade shows and mailer campaigns to spread their word. Designed to stick on  metallic surfaces such as refrigerators, cars and filing cabinets, these full color business card magnets are hard to miss.

Unlike traditional business cards, which people are more likely to misplace or damage, business card magnets provide an effective and  long-lasting way for businesses to stay top of mind with their customers. Ideal for all types of businesses and service providers, these custom magnets make a must- have item in the arsenal of all marketers. Customize with your logo and contact information to make a versatile marketing tool.

Why business card magnets?

Still wonder what makes business card magnets effective marketing tools? Firstly, it will keep your contact information in plain sight of your audience as they are typically  attached to refrigerators or filing cabinets. This increases the likelihood of customers remembering your business, when they require its services.  These cute miniature billboards engage your prospects with your message on a day to day basis; as they are constantly visible in customers’ everyday lives. This in turn will strengthen your brand visibility.

High perceived value

Unlike paper business cards, magnetic business cards often have a higher perceived value, which in turn will increase the professional image of a business. The long term exposure and retention of  business card magnets will surely make a worthwhile investment for businesses.

What are Business Card Magnets Made of?

The front part of business card magnets is made of glossy vinyl laminate that can be printed in full color. The rear part of the magnet features a magnetic sheeting, which enables the card to easily stick to metallic surfaces. Made of durable and long lasting materials , business card magnets make an effective marketing tool for businesses.

Thickness of Business Card Magnets

 Magnetic business cards are available in various thicknesses mostly in the range of 20-30 mil. Measuring approximately 0.5-0.8 millimeters, these magnets will easily adhere to metallic surfaces and can even hold reminders and shopping lists without bending or breaking.

Different sizes of  Business Card Magnets

They have the same size as standard business cards, which is 3.5×2 inches approximately. It allows them to easily fit into wallets and cardholders, which makes it easier for your prospects to use it.

Customization tips

marketers can customize business Card Magnets with their logo, message and artwork.  While the design and visual appeal are important, the main aim of business card magnet is to share contact information and create a lasting impression. So, make sure to include all the relevant details like company’s website and social media handles.

Choose a concise layout, which will make sure that the recipients can easily read and understand the information.  Including the company’s branding elements or tagline will go a long way in reinforcing brand recognition. Ultimately business card magnets should effectively convey the necessary contact information to potential customers or clients.

So, no matter how you wish to go about it, make sure to keep the logo and  other branding elements proportionate to the size of the magnet without overpowering the rest of the information. Ideally the logo should be prominent enough to be easily recognizable but not so large that it overwhelms the design. Make sure to strike a  balance between size, clarity, and overall design to create a visually appealing business card magnet that effectively represents their brand.

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