Promotional Magnets

The Benefits of Promotional Magnets That Not Many Logo Items Can Match

2x3.5 Custom Law Firm Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Custom printed magnets are low in price yet very high in marketing potential. These make popular promotional handouts because nobody can ever throw these away and the best part is that your logo and message on these magnets will remain right in front of your recipients for a very long time. Magnets ensure regular brand […]

Why Promotional Magnets are preferred over online marketing?

2x3.5 Round Corner Business Card Magnets

Often businesses prefer promotional magnets for their branding than online promotions. Guess why? Promotional magnets are cost effective, easy to distribute and always get a warm welcome among the recipients. That’s not all. Here’s another sound reason to employ these hard working printed magnets in your marketing plans. According to a recent survey held by […]

Engage your customers with distinctive shaped Promotional magnets

3.12x1.43 Truck Shape Full Color Magnet

Promotional magnets have always been creating ripples in marketing circuits for their ridiculously low prices and high visibility, which make them trusted tools in any budget marketer’s arsenal. The refrigerator is one of the most frequently used appliances in any house. People open their fridge doors many times every day to replenish the stocks and […]

Reach out to the local community with promotional magnets

4x6 inch Bar Calendar Square Corner Magnets 20 mil

U. S. Census Bureau statistics show that over 40 million people move to new neighborhoods every year. People move to new localities for work, better housing facilities, education options and other factors. Young adults migrate more often than senior citizens and every time they move to a new location, they make a potential market for […]

How promotional magnets make effective fund raising tools?

1.62x3.25 Custom Awareness Fluorescent Lightbulb Shape Magnet

It is estimated that there over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US that vie with each other to grab the biggest donor support pie. Many nonprofits lose on an average of 7 of 10 donors every year, which forces them to set out on new fundraising initiatives to find new donors and to keep […]

Most Popular Promotional Products of May 2015

Personalized Magnets 3x4 Wedding Save the Date Magnets

For all the Custommagnetsdirect fans out there, we wish to list out a few top trending promotional themed magnets worth a closer look for the month of May. The garden is in bloom and the birds are singing as stress balls keep the marketers in good humor to tide over their anxiety and to come […]

Do Online Retailers Require Promotional Magnets?

Promotional Magnets

It is widely debated whether online retailers require promotional magnets or not. The opinions may largely vary depending on experiences, but one thing is sure, promotional magnets are definitely going to work online retailers as others. Here is why online retailers should consider marketing through promotional magnets: Slices the Competition: In this Web 2.0 era, […]

Why is it easier to Market your business with Promotional Magnet Products?

Promotional Magnets

Promotional gifts – are integral part of brand building as any other media and outdoor advertisements and marketers all over the world are taking it seriously than before. Over the years, marketers have been indulging with many types of active and passive gift items such as pens, notepads, notebooks, etc. However, they are slowly getting […]

What are the Most Affordable Promotional Magnets Offered on Online Magnet Stores?

Business Card Magnets

The affordability factor may be relative to budget and they may differ from one online store to the other. However, there are certain promotional magnets, which largely remain affordable for marketers working in squeaky budget or large budget.  Here are they – Business Card Magnets: They are the most affordable promotional magnets on the scene. […]

What are the Popular Promotional Magnet Products Under $1?

Promotional Magnet Products Under $1

If you are working in a penny-pincher promotional budget, you probably know the difficulties and struggles involved in casting the right impressions. Perhaps you may not want to overspend or under spend on your campaign the next time, so try to get smarter by investing in low value magnets with high impact. You can easily […]