The Distinct Advantages of Promotional Magnets

Business owners often think about innovative and cost effective ways to market their services. Custom magnets is an all time favorite among marketers to get their message out in style. Guess why?4.5x5 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Custom printed magnets are budget friendly and effective marketing tools and the best part is that very few people ever throw them away! Logo magnets will keep your name and message well displayed right in front of your clients for long time.

Magnets enhance brand recall
Most people love to deck up their refrigerator doors with custom magnets. Apart from being a hang up for their junior’s soccer schedule or cookery lists, magnets add specks of color and identity to the otherwise bland surfaces of refrigerators and will enliven the spaces.

Custom magnets are versatile
Logo imprinted magnets can be used to promote any type of business right from a pizzeria to fashion stores or computer repair shops. The information imprinted on these will stay right in front of the audience for a very long time.

Custom magnet models like calendar magnets help the recipients to plan their schedules and tasks. Calendars can also be imprinted with local or pro game schedules, safety tips or local events to provide information that is frequently referred to and to drive up the popularity of these logo items.

Business Card Magnets
Business Card magnets will let your message stay in front of the customers for a very long time. Light weight and compact, business card magnets can be sent along with business letters and correspondence to get the message right in front of the audience.2x3.5 Custom Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Benefits of custom magnets in a glance
  1. Customization options: Promotional magnets can be imprinted with any message, image or logo.
  2. Long lasting: Magnets hold up well through years of use and enjoy a high retention among audience
  3. Choices: Magnets are available in various shapes and sizes , which means that it is easy for you to choose a model that match your brand theme.
  4. Low cost per impressions: Custom magnets offer the lowest cost per impressions as these offer a long term visibility at a very low initial investment.
  5. Easy to distribute: Light weight and compact, personalized magnets are easy to distribute.
  6. High visibility: A creatively customized magnet will grab instant attention and will enhance your name recognition.
  7. Practical – Magnets are not just fun but most people use it as fridge art or a hold up for their daily reminders and shopping lists at highly visible areas.

Promotional magnets will promote your business in several unique ways. For more tips on custom magnets, just give us a call.

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